Thursday, August 4, 2011

Frogs and Snails and Puppy-Dog's Tails

Thanks to our current living situation our girls have had a whole new world open up to them.

Boy toys.

Well shoot, that doesn't sound right. Um, what I mean is since the family we are living with has two male children that would mean that they have play things which would usually be attributed to the male gender.

You know, boy toys.

Anyhoo, our apartment attaches to the main house through the playroom. Which means it looks like Toy's R Us vomited in our living room most of the time.

Meaning things are carrying on as usual despite the small living quarters.

(Mama may be lacking in organizational skills.)

(And by lacking, I mean I have none.)

(But I'm really good with parentheses.)

So the girls have been tracking with Thomas and stacking primary colored legos (instead of pink ones), pushing Tonka trucks and shooting Buzz Lightyear's ray gun.

To infinity and beyond.

And I'm fine with that.

Want to pretend you're a fireman? Go for it, sister.

Feel like shooting Daddy with a water gun? The thought has crossed my mind a time or five.

Like using the Handy Manny tool kit? Who wouldn't!

But I have to draw the line somewhere.

Because when I'm unloading the dishwasher and step back onto this,

It makes me want to run screaming all the way to Target for some Polly Pockets and an Easy Bake Oven.



  1. I am thrilled you are being introduced to the world of BOYS! I may need to send Ains to you for a week or so - then she will know what girl toys are :) Her ratio here is so askew that she has no clue how to play babies, Ponies, Polly Pockets (?) etc - likely cuz her mama doesn't really know either....been raisin' boys :) However, I don't own fake snakes...since it's too close to the reality of them being on my porch anyway ;)

  2. I would love to have heard what came out of your mouth!!! Too funny! Come back to KY, we live in the safe world of girl toys!