Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Bulletin

I had to actually look at the calendar to see if it was indeed Tuesday.

Welcome to baseball world. Where all your days are the same.

Andy's team just switched to day games to avoid the evening monsoons. Which means the girls and I no longer attend games. Which is unfortunate because that's their very favorite activity. But it's 109* at 11 am. I start sweating just thinking about loading all three girls in the car. Sit through 9 innings without shade? I don't fink so.

We are very much looking forward to heading home at the end of the month. And by we, I mean me. Me is very much looking forward to heading home at the end of the month.

Anna is talking up a storm. All day. Every day.

She also sings songs. Loudly.

Emily's new favorite thing to do is spit.

I told her we only spit outside.

Andy told her girls don't spit.

Whoopsie daisy.

We went to a splash park today, I didn't put the girls ear plugs in. And I left the towels on a chair at home.

Mom of the year!

I went to the same ENT that did the girls tubes for recurring ear pain. He thinks it's TMJ.

No more gum chewing for me.

I like gum.


Remember I mentioned getting caught in a huge dust storm with the girls? You may also recall that I joked about therapy?

Turns out it was no laughing matter.

All three girls have FREAKED out on two separate occasions when it got windy.

My bad.

The movie of choice these days is Mary Poppins. Which is really Maria VonTrapp in a wig. I thought maybe the homeless bird lady in the movie would startle Lainey. No, she's concerned that the bank won't give us our tuppence (money). I assured her we could get our funds when we need them.

Probably shouldn't let her watch the news.

Kinda worried that if I wait any longer to start potty training, I'm gonna miss the window.

Whatever that is.

Can this be something that I hire out?

Is there such a thing as potty camp?

Someone should start this. They'd make millions.

Anyone? Hello?


Happy Tuesday, everybody.

If it really is Tuesday.

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  1. We are looking forward to some time off too, but we will sure miss you all. Thought you'd appreciate this: Joe told me today that he "likes talking a lot and talking with a lot of words all the time." Understatement of the year.