Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Gospel According to Anna

During the summer months we don't usually attend church regularly. We've visited countless different places of worship in tens of towns, but rarely do we get to spend quality time at one place.

But this season, thanks to the Rookie ball schedule that includes no road trips, and day games to avoid monsoon season, we've been able to attend a great church that we love nearly every weekend.

I've gotta be honest, it's really shining through in the girls lives.

Especially Anna Grace.

Maybe I'm a little biased but she could be the next Beth Moore......

A few thoughts:

If you watched the whole thing, bless your heart, again. I'm not tech savvy in the slightest and I have no clue how to shorten/edit a video. It's a slight miracle that I got it on the blog at all seeing as my computer isn't speaking to me. Again.

I am using Andy's work computer and doing my best not to post this on his game day reports.

Sorry, Skipper!

Sister doesn't have clown feet, she's wearing Lainey's socks and shoes. These days I don't really get much say in how they dress, I'm just happy when they aren't naked.

She talks with her hands. Alot.

No idea where that came from.

I'm gonna email Beth Moore now. Don't be surprised if her next book is called

"Dolphins Poo and God Loves You"

It's got best seller written all over it.


  1. Honestly, this is so never know what they are picking up at church! Mark used to be such a fidgety kid, I thought he's never listen. Yet when we came home in the car, he always seemed to have some nugget!Bless their hearts...just keep reminding those babies how much Jesus loves them! (they can pick up the details as time goes on...)

  2. Adorable! When did you get a southern accent? I haven't heard your voice for so long- it brought back many memories. You have such fun with your girls and I enjoy watching it!