Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nothing Says Independence Day Like.....

Expressing your opinions


and getting tossed from your first game.


You stink!

And your feet, they stink!

And your mama, she stinks too!!

muttering, muttering, stupid, muttering...

The girls knew nothing of it. They missed it thanks to Popsicles that were melting at the speed of light. They didn't really notice he was gone until he wasn't available for the game ending hugs.

Then they cried.

But quickly recovered when they realized they could hug Leila's dad.

  • Please note, that those may not have been his exact words. I was busy making sure my little friends didn't see Daddy fussing at the said stinky umpire.

  • Also, I may have asked my friend Alysa to take the above pictures for bribery posterity.

  • I am a great wife.

  • The boys did come back from behind to win the game for their exiled coach.

  • I know some of you are greatly concerned that I haven't finished the I Should Have Seen it Coming Posts. Rest assured, no one is sleeping in the mini-van, I'm just behind in blogging.

  • That last statement basically sums up my life these days. Behind - I'm always trying to catch up on something and

  • I'm always wiping them.

  • Happy Independence Day, Everybody!


      1. Hahaha.....that's all I can say.

      2. hahaha, I love that you have photos. That is the best piece of the story!!! LOVE :)