Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Should've Seen it Coming - Part Two

So now I'm headed home from the car wash, yelling out the window at random strangers asking if they have a room available.

For the five of us. And the dog. And our stuff.

Okay, we may need two rooms.

I'm kidding. I would never do such a thing.

I was actually blind dialing my phone, asking whoever answered if they would take my children.

My poor homeless children.

I kid.


What I really did was call our friends (baseball people) who are currently with the Mets. They live here in the area and I knew that their house would be empty at least until school started.

Plus, we had just visited them the past week while Jill and the boys were home catching up on things while their daddy was on a long road trip.

They were literally leaving the next morning to head back to their daddy and New York and sweet Jilly said

Sure! Stay as long as you's the garage code...

And I got to call Andy back before I even got home to say

It's all good. We have a place to sleep.

Go me.

What I didn't realize until I walked into the door was that I was about to do this move all by my little self.

Oh, except I did have help from the girls.

So long as you define help as tearing wallpaper, peeing your pants and dropping pizza on the carpet. Of the house that you're trying to get the deposit back.


Anyhoo, since Andy was now the manager of a team that he knew very little about he had loads to catch up on and about two days worth of meetings and practices in which to do it before the first game. He helped me load up as much as he could and then buried himself in emails and phone calls.

I called the folks that we were going to be living with in Missoula to explain that we weren't actually coming. And then the owner of the current house to ask for a few more hours in the morning, explaining that I was moving our belongings myself and it would take a few trips.

So now I have til noon.

Easy peasy.

Once the girls were in bed I cleaned and tossed junk and drank the last of the Mike's H@rd Lemon@de Margaritas so that I could get ready to take the first load over as soon as I could in the morning.

When the sun rose we kissed Daddy goodbye as he headed off to work as his first day as a manager and then got our booties moving.

It's at this point I just have to say that we are very blessed to have a great group of friends. They are spread from here to kingdom come and they put up with our traveling and craziness and love us despite it. So at one point when I was feeling overwhelmed I called one of those friends and said

I need you to pray for me. I'm moving by myself this morning and my little people are not getting the memo to cooperate. Plus it's 112* outside and mama doesn't like to sweat.

And do you know what this dear gal did? She prayed. Right then. Over the phone.

Didn't say,

I sure will. You have a good day now.

She just did it.

Love that.

Anyhoo, after having a helpmesweetJesus moment in the bathroom I got my butt in gear and loaded up the girls. We took the first load over and dumped it all in the garage of Jill's house. Then we came back for the second load and I ran around like a toddler on sugar swiping, wiping, vacuuming and dusting anything that was sitting still. I was just putting the last of the fresh sheets back on the beds when the owner came in to do the walk through and give us the deposit back.

I might have been soaking wet from sweat, but she didn't mention anything.

Which was kind.

She handed me the check, I loaded the girls and the dog in the van and drove off into the sun.

Still sweating.

But feeling accomplished.

Until I remember that there was a garage full of belongings to dig through at the next house and a van load of stuff to clean out.

Not to mention I couldn't find my belt.

Mama needs her belt.

But at least we had a place to sleep.

For now.

Until we move again.

The next week.

To be continued......

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