Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Should've Seen it Coming - Part Three

Very soon after the dumping of all our worldly possessions (at least what we needed for the season) into Jill's garage it became clear that we needed to find a more permanent place to dwell.

And by permanent I mean at least through August.

In baseball terms two and half months is a very long time.


Jill had said that we could stay as long as we needed, but she had already promised the house to some of her family for a week, not to mention she and the boys were coming home after the all-star break.

And the real clincher was the fact that it was a 45 minute (on a good day) drive for Andy to get to the field. Not really ideal at 1 a.m. when he's tired from a game.

Also not too fun when Daddy forgets his work laptop and Mommy has to drive it to him. Right after getting the girls into the pool.

Three bathing suits, three bodies slathered with sunscreen, two swim diapers, four ear plugs, four water wings and one life jacket.

Sure honey, I can load the ladies right up!

Did I say that out loud?

Moving on.

Our first apartment in baseball life was a two bedroom/two bath with an unfinished basement in South Bend, Indiana. Andy and I lived there the entire season.

Along with five other boys.


One of those stinky boys was Corey. We continued to be roommates with him throughout the years and throughout the Diamondbacks minor league system. I was very glad when Caitlin joined the picture because Corey was a lot less stinky with her around.

The last time we'd seen each other, Caitlin was pregnant with their first and I was about 4 minutes pregnant with Lainey.

Before the puking began.

And now, nearly five years later, we are living all together again. The Myers family (Corey, Caitlin, Cole and Christian) live much closer to the field and they have a one bedroom apartment attached to their house.

Yes, you read that correctly. One bedroom.

But you know what? It's working out really well.

I'm not joking.

For starters, it's a big bedroom. And we have a full kitchen, our own entrance and a washer/dryer. We've most definitely been in worse situations.

I would even call this one good.

Except at nap time.

Nap time sucks.

But the best part? The girls LOVE playing with the Myers boys and our apartment attaches to their house through the PLAYROOM.

They are in "new toy" heaven.

And for us grown-ups, it's just like old times.

Plus five kids.

Which means it's nothing like the old times.

It's better.


  1. Wow Jessie!!! What an adventure you and the girls have been on so far this summer:-) I was smiling through all of these post and feeling so thankful that you had some awesome friends there for ya!! It's so amazing how God does his work. I think it's so neat that y'all are living with or kinda with the Myers family. And I hear ya about the naps. Caden and Aubrey are sharing a room here and it's going pretty good but there are definitely nights that it would be easier if they had their own rooms. God Bless you all this summer!! Love reading your post!!

  2. Jessie,
    Just wanted to say I love your blog. I don't have kids, but I love the humor you bring into your daily life! It cracks me up! I am a good friend of E. Barber's and she recommended your blog. Since then, I have a been a faithful reader and love to hear what God is doing in your life and how faithful you are to respond....with some humor mixed in along the way. Keep blogging!