Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hide and Seek - The Gaggle Guide

If you plan on making a visit to the Green household these days you should know a few things.

A) You will be tackled at the door. It's all in love. The twins call this "hugging".

B) You will be expected to play hide and seek. At least twice. Even if you're only staying for a few minutes.

C) You might want to lock the door when going to the restroom. Unless you don't want to go alone.

(Because really, who does?)

(Oh wait, I DO!)

About the hide and seek. There are a few rules you should be aware of. The seeker always counts to twenty(ish). Lainey can currently count to one hundred but gets a little excited about the prospect of yelling


so she barely makes it to twenty before making a break for it to start her search.

Also, whoever the adult player is that gets stuck with partnered with Emily, bless your heart. We love her. She cute. She's feisty.

She stinks at this game.

One afternoon all five of us were playing. Anna and I were standing in the master tub and Andy had inherited Em for the round. Lainey hadn't even reached the number twelve from her counting spot in the kitchen when I heard



That will teach Daddy not to hide outside when the FOUR YEAR OLD doesn't even know that's an option.

Emily just likes to be helpful.

(She also likes to jump up from behind beds and yell

I wite here! YAY! Yoo fine me!)

Speaking of Andy, once he moved into the tub after Lainey found me in it.

Because that doesn't make things difficult, either.

Then there's Anna. If you have to pick a twin to be on your team, she's your girl. She's better at this game than I am. If you put her somewhere and tell her to be quiet, she does.

For a really long time.

I'm not even sure she breathes.

Once I put her under a bench at the end of our bed and covered it with a blanket. She stayed there so long I've considered putting her back in there at nap time and just telling her to stay until Lainey finds her.

I'm a horrible mother.

So to recap:

*Lainey is a great counter, patient seeker. Totally loves the game.

*Anna is your go-to gal. Doesn't make a peep.

*Andy cheats gets creative with the rules.

*I always hide in the tub.

*Emily rings doorbells.

*Lock the door when you go to the bathroom.

And you're welcome.

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  1. No WONDER Joe loves coming to your house for a game of hide and seek :)

  2. that picture is the cutest! Miss you girl!