Monday, March 28, 2011

She Triiiiiiied to Tell Me

Usually getting ready to leave for the season is a bit chaotic. We're packing, sorting, trying to see friends one last time etc. This year we thought we'd change it up a bit.

I know what you're thinking.

Oh good, she finally got organized and didn't save everything to the last minute....

Um, no.

This time on top of the usual fall-dee-rawl (is that a word?) we decided to rent our home out (furnished) for the summer. We have been very blessed with the renters we found, but that added a whole new element to the ballgame.

Get it, ballgame?


Anyhoo, on top the usual mayhem of trying to fit all the junk five people and a dog will need for the next six months into two cars we also had to clean and sort the whole downstairs. Empty closets and get rid of personal items. Thankfully I didn't dilly-dally too much and I tried to get at least one project a day out of the way.

Clean out kitchen cabinets, clean out master closet and all dresser drawers. Clean out coat closets. Take down all personal photos. Sort through junk drawers. Clean out laundry room. (Which led to shortening the dryer hose and cleaning it out. I don't know why. I question the reasoning behind that one to this day. And do you know that you need wire cutters for this exercise? Cause you do. Which sent me to Lowe's. While Andy had the girls at the park. I think I have cleaning ADD.)

Sorry. Distracted myself. Something about ADD....

pause, pause

Um, okay, here we go, moral of the story is, it was a lot to get done, but it felt really good once we did it. At one point Andy was sitting on our closet floor covered up to his chin in clothes bemoaning his sorting chore when our dentist called. Saved by the hygienist. I've never seen him agree to an appointment so fast in my life.

You need me to come right now, OKAY!!


Yeah, that was another thing we had put off until the last minute. Dental cleanings (both) and an eye doctor appointment (me).

Have I mentioned we have twins? Really?

Anyhoo, all that to say, one Saturday afternoon, before we left the girls were all down for naps. Lainey wasn't sleeping, but that's not unusual these days. She had already come out of her room more than once for several reasons.

I have to pee. I have to poop. I'm not tired. I'm hungry.

Finally I gave her some markers and paper and said


To which she replied

Who's Pete?

Son of a gun, just stay in your room.


I really thought the problem was solved until a little while later I sat down to eat a very late lunch ( after I had finally finished wading through the coat closets. Why do gloves never have a partner? I'm adding them to the "I hate socks" list.)

Once again Lainey's door started to squeeeeeeeak open.

Without even looking up, I said

Lainey go back in your room, right now.

But I have some marker on my hands.

We will wash your hands after rest time is over. BACK IN YOUR ROOM. (This actually sounded like BAHCK IN YOO WOOM, I blame the peanut butter).

The door clicked and I went about my business.

About an hour later Andy went upstairs to wake everyone because we were meeting some friends for dinner and the babies were still snoozing away. WHICH HAPPENS EVERY TIME WE HAVE TO BE SOMEWHERE. NEVER WHEN WE'RE STAYING HOME. WHY!!??!!

I will try to stop yelling.

So Andy goes into Lainey's room first and immediately comes out, leans over the railing and says

You need to come up here. And bring your camera.


Girlfriend was not kidding about the marker situation. And apparently she scratches her eyes, wipes her mouth and picks her nose in her sleep.

Bless her heart.

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