Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Ten Plus One

Top Ten Reasons I Should Be Potty Training Anna Grace.

1) She wakes up dry from her nap.

2) Has woken up dry in the morning (a few times).

3) She tries to change her own drawers. See exhibits A-C

{Exhibit A}

{Exhibit B}

{Exhibit C}

4) She follows Lainey to the bathroom every chance she gets.

5) She tries to wipe Lainey's booty all while peering into the potty to check things out.

Lainey thinks this is the very definition of teamwork.

6) Tried to wipe me yesterday.

Not the help I was looking for.

7) She tells me when she needs to poop.

8) She tells me when she's peeing.

9) Has mentioned a few times the her

dipey herwts.

10) She has even become a kind bed wetter, striving to make it fun for all.

Step 1 : Remove pants.
Step 2 : Remove diaper.
Step 3 : Move precious baby dolls to higher ground. (See exhibit D)
Step 4 : Pee a river.

{Exhibit D}

Number One Reason Mama isn't Potty Training Anna Grace

1) Emily Faith

The girl does not give two hoots about her diaper. At all. Ask her if she's pooped


and off she goes to play with her baby or wreak havoc on one of her sisters.

All while stinkin' up the joint.

So I asked my multiples club what they suggest when one is ready and the other isn't. I was thinking they would give me a pass, just say to wait it out...
They didn't. One mama of triplets potty trained them all at different times. Saying that the other two were inspired to action by watching the first. And it only took 6 months.

Help me.

I really want to just get it all done in one fell swoop. But I think that poor Anna might go cuckoo if we don't start soon.

That or her babies may develop a fear of heights.

*for those of you who are confused by the doll pic ~ that is our house in KY. We are currently in AZ. I'm just really behind in blogging. Pun totally intended.

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  1. Oh my gosh I am peeing in my pants (pun intended) because this is cracking me up! My favorite part is her moving her baby dolls out of harms way. Bless her little heart...and yours. The thought of potty training William has not even been a blip on my radar at this point. Good luck to you! Keep us posted!:)