Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where Are You ? Part Two and One-half

Last week I posted a photo of the disaster area otherwise known as our living room. No less than 48 hours later I had an email from my sweet Aunt Erma declaring that she and Uncle Bill were coming to visit.

And she wanted to help me clean.

Next week I will share a picture of my overflowing laundry basket and unmade beds. You know, should anyone be interested.......

Anyhoo, we had company! It was great timing on their part, because we were nearing the end of an eight day road trip and were missing daddy something fierce.

Uncle Bill and Aunt Erma were the perfect distraction. They brought toys, balloons and volunteered to help us go on a field trip like no other.....

Niagara Falls.

I know, I know, how could I have failed to mention this on the last post? Well, to be honest, I had never been. I may be capable of alot with my three little ladies but taking them to a gigantic waterfall and trying to keep them from going over in a barrel was not high on my to-do list.

But, three on three is totally doable!(?)!

And so, for the grandparents, Niagara Falls.......

We even managed to take the fantastic voyage that is the Maid of the Mist. Lainey loved every sopping minute of it.

The Littles were not so impressed. Anna continually fluttered her eyelids clearly wondering where in the world all this water was coming from and Emily would not stop giving the stink-eye.

After the girls finished lunch Erma volunteered to be the chaser so that they could stretch their little legs before we headed home. I believe at this point she was yelling for help and I just continued to enjoy the fact that I was eating sitting down while Bill videotaped the chaos.

She had everything under control.

Before we even left, Lainey was planning her next trip back. This time she wanted to bring her Daddy. And so, since we had an off day just around the corner, we did.

I wised up and put hats on the babies. They were still unimpressed, but at least stink-eye didn't make an appearance.

And that's how my children managed to make it to Niagara Falls, twice within the span of one week.

And yes, Aunt Erma cleaned something. She mopped the entire kitchen by hand.

That, my friends is love.


  1. love, love, love it all.
    so very glad for two wonderful trips in one week. yes, i know that is one thing we never took you to.
    thanks for the photos, glad for the clean floor and the stink eye.
    Bill and Erma are wonderfully brave auntie and uncle to chase the littles so close to all that water.

  2. Jessie you have such a wonderful sense of humor. I giggle every time I read the blog. Hurrah for Aunt Erma and Uncle Bill. Love the pictures too.

  3. What a blessing to have someone come, help on a field trip AND clean. Send them my way!! :)! Gotta love the Stinky Eye. Really love it!!! It appears as tho she has it mastered already...I fear for the teenage years!!