Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where Are You? Part 2

I knew something was amiss when my dear husband starting describing the city we were moving to for the season. I may not always be the sharpest tack in the box (I have twins), but when the fact that there's a dog kennel next door is one of the most positive things he can come up with, we're in trouble.

Then he pointed out that players wives could have a free gym membership - with childcare.

That sounds lovely, but the last time I exercised on purpose was a spinning class that resulted in my inability to sit without wincing for nearly two weeks.

No thanks.

Okay, he says, but the local grocery store has babysitting too.

Huh? Doesn't anyone in this town take care of their own children?

Okay, maybe I could use that one. Especially since I have to drag the recycling into the store before the shopping even begins.


But ultimately it wouldn't matter where we laid our heads at night, there's not a whole lot this mama can do with an overly talkative 3 year old and two nearly 18 month olds who can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Okay, that's an exaggeration, she doesn't talk that much.

I digress.

This town has a plethera of very tall trees, which I love and for the first month we were here it did this weird thing where puffs of cotton seeds would fly all over the place, making it look like it was snowing.

Speaking of snow, get a load of this.....

Okay, that's a fire hydrant, you're thinking. What's that got to do with snow?

Notice the white pole with the red stripes at the top?

That's so the firefighters can find the hydrant.


Let's all take a moment and thank the Lord that Andy plays a summer sport.

Because in this town, along with the Bisons there's also a hockey team and an NFL team.

Just down the road, there's a great little shop that has local produce, deli meats, and sweet treats. We love to get our blueberries there, and the ice cream is delicious.

So I've heard.

On every corner, there's a Tim Horton's which seems to be the go-to for coffee around here. They also carry really yummy donuts.

I mean, that's what someone told me.

We've been to the children's museum twice and there were a few rainy days where the best option we had was Chuck E. Cheese.

Don't knock it, until you try it. Five dollars in tokens can last a really long time when your children don't even know they aren't playing the games.

But I must say that our favorite place to go in this lovely city is the zoo. There are several reasons for this,

The first being that the elephants have good balance.....

The alligators (crocodiles?) are small....

The chickens don't peck.....

It has the bear necessities...

and of course, the team mascot.

In the end, it wouldn't matter if we were living in Timbuktu, because right now, this is where our Daddy is. And being together is so much better than this.....


  1. I love this. You guys make me laugh.

  2. part two yahoo!
    love the hair on the girls, always so cute in every photo. just like yours use to be! haha.
    we love horton's a northern thing.
    there is one near your grandmother.
    can't wait for three, or seriously the book.
    hugs, nana

  3. Tim Horton's does have the best donuts and coffee.

  4. I LOVE your blog Jess! It's fun reading more about where you guys are and what you're doing. AND, I'm so jealous that you have Tim Horton's there! It's BIG in Canada, and I got very attached while living in Vancouver.