Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where Are You? The Grand Finale

Many moons ago, I fell in love with this boy. This boy who played baseball. So I started going to his games, because that was the only time I could see him.

Man, if only I knew what I was headed for.

Actually, if I knew, I would do it

All. Over. Again.


So now, nearly twenty (gulp) years later, I go to the ballpark, because it's still where I can see him. And I bring my little gaggle with me.

Lainey loves going to games. When she wakes up in the morning one of her first questions is

is today a day game or a night game?

She has it down to a science. She knows the roads we turn on to get there and recognizes billboards along the way. As soon as she spots it, everyone in the van knows because she yells


Every. Single. Time.

This is where she plays with her ever-changing (thanks alot trade deadline!) posse, runs in the batting cages during rain delays, and dances every time the music starts.

So long as you count jumping around and flailing your arms as dancing.

Which in this house, we do.

This is the place, where every time number 10 steps up to the plate, you will hear


(So much for keeping the family section private.)

This is where my Littles stay in their stroller for nearly 7 innings. So long as they're eating. Or reading. Or chewing on crayons coloring. Or eating. Ask either one of them where daddy is and they point to the field. Emily points and says


They totally get it.

This ballpark is our home away from home away from home away from home. Wait,that's not right. I think I had to many away-from-homes in there. Um, you get the gist.

So, without further adieu,

The Stadium.......

First, we take the glamorous service entrance, just past the stinky garbage truck. Don't be jealous.

Then we walk down the long darkish hall in the basement...

and turn left into the elevator room. This is where the babies squeal every time they see the Buffalo Logo because they know that at the top of the ride is....

Ms. Laurie, who has pretzels for them and lollipops for Lainey. Bless their hearts. They get really excited about the pretzels. We haven't told them about lollies yet.

Snack time for the babies. This is actually their first (whole) apples. Now they won't eat them any other way. It's kinda messy. And gross.

But their teeth get really clean!


This is Bob, crossword puzzle doer extraordinaire, and keeper of the family room. He keeps track of who should and shouldn't be there. He replaces batteries in toys before we even ask, and he doesn't mind the chaos that is a room full of children who have been cooped up for nine innings.

And the family room. The t.v. is always tuned to the ballgame, should the babies need to stretch their legs. It's also where the Booster Club sends their leftover furniture to die.

So that's it. Our home away from home away from...

Stink, never mind.

That's the end.

It's where we are.

For now.


  1. counting the days till the end of the season. thanks for the pics of your life on the road. yep, you do it well daughter dear. and eating whole apples awesome, and so cute, and talk about easy, oh and healthy. that is in my opinon a grand slam! haha
    tell lainey she was a great tour guide and give everyone hugs, and kisses!

  2. Cute post! I'd love for you to share it on the baseball wife blog if you don't mind!