Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Someone to Watch Over Me

One day last week I was reorganizing our Hymnal for Worship & Celebration while sitting at the dining room table. Actually, I was putting it back together, all seven hundred and twenty pages of it, because my budding musicians, Emily and Lainey "accidentally" dropped it while they were pounding playing the piano.

Seven hundred and twenty pages.

Loose sheet music. Out of order.

Once I started getting it back together and into the binder I noticed that one end of the table was seriously smudged. It looked as if I had slathered the girls hands with peanut butter and told them to go nuts.

Although some days do get a little chaotic around here I don't recall doing such a thing. But maybe?......

Upon closer inspection I realized that these prints went too far into the table to be my little people.

Then someone pooped, someone got stuck under a table, someone else needed a snack and I forgot all about the smudges.

Until tonight.

While the girls were playing outside with Lilang and the neighbors, I came inside to clean up a little.

It was then that I spotted this.

I am partly to blame. For two years after we moved into this house I put a dining room chair next to the window with the blinds turned so that Buike could see when we were coming and going. Then when I was pregnant with the twins we started contemplating selling our house and I moved the chair back under the table to avoid weird carpet marks by the window.

Apparently our poor little buddy was missing his perch.

And he takes his job as guard dog very seriously.

So when I said to him

Buike Green, what do you think you're doing?

He gave me this look that meant,

Oh, good. You're here. Do you think you could move that chair so I can keep a better eye on my girls?

And so, after my heart melted just a bit, I did.

Neighborhood Watch has nothing on him.


  1. Jessie- this post brought tears to my eyes (I think we share a love of animals and a very serious connection to them that not everyone can experience). You have a wonderful talent for writing, I love reading your posts :) SUCH a great post! Love to you and the littles :)

  2. That is ADORABLE. That dog has so much personality!

    Wrigs has suffered the same neglect at the Barber house. The poor guy actually tries to fight Caroline for a spot on my lap. Can you guess who wins? Remember when Buike and Wrigley were our only babies??? Ahhh, the simple life.