Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Locks Lots of Love

When Lainey was about 18 months old I took her for her first hair cut.

It didn't go well, at all.

Actually, it didn't even happen. The poor stylist had this cute little cover and a booster seat, none of which calmed Lainey down and when the scissors came out, she screamed like a banshee.

Not that I've ever heard a banshee scream.

But it was loud. And dramatic.

We tried again last summer with a friend. I thought it might go better if she watched someone else get a trim and hop on the peer pressure band wagon to get one herself.

Strike two.

So we just got over it. I decided it would be okay if her hair just grew and grew and grew. We could only hope that the kids in middle school wouldn't make fun of her when she waltzed in looking all Crystal Gayle-ish.

Don't it make my brown eyes blue.


So fast forward to this summer and she was showing some serious princess hair. Her friend Emersyn, from the aforementioned trim attempt, was also carrying some major length. Somewhere along the way, we mommies decided to let it grow until it was long enough to chop it off for a good cause. Might as well work a life lesson into the deal and maybe it would give Lainey enough time to overcome her fear of capes and shears.

We started casually chatting with our long locked ladies about helping other little girls. Girls who are battling cancer. Girls like Kate.

(Kate has just finished her treatments for a brain tumor that showed up about a year ago. Instead of getting ready for Kindergarten, she had to prepare for intense chemotherapy. At the age of five. Her parents are believing for the miracle of life, as are the thousands of us who are following her story.)

Turns out, all my girl needed was a little inspiration. And Emmy was ready to roll from the git-go.

And so, the story of cutting hair to help others, in photos.

*Shout out to Brian The Haircutter (as he shall forever more be known) for doing such a great job. Thanks for your patience. Sorry you had to tell her to sit up straight 674 times. She gets the slouching from me.

*Thank you to Nathan and Courtney for helping me wrangle the Littles while the big girls were getting groomed.

*The seventh photo in the series of haircut pics is Bella, Emersyn's twin. She was getting her hair trimmed while we were there. She didn't complain one bit while we were making such a fuss over Lainey and Emersyn. She's one of the funniest kids you'll ever meet. She cracked me up in this pic because she made a face that totally resembled her daddy. Whom I went to homecoming with in high school. Three times.

Another post for another day, people.

*The last photo of Lainey is one of the first I've seen that made me think she looks like me. Bless her heart.

*Lainey loves her new short do. When we were pulling into the garage on our way home from the cut she said

Mom, can you get me and my haircut out first?

New order of van evacuation,

Lainey's hair

Sounds about right.


  1. Shoot, Jessie...more sweet.

  2. Such a sweet story Jessie... and I totally thought the same thing about that last photo. It looks just like you! :)

  3. Darling that is you for sure. I love your blog it keeps me in touch to the big moments from far away. Mom

  4. Such a neat thing for these girls to do! Their short haircuts are adorable, too!