Friday, July 16, 2010

A Request

Today in my email there was a prayer request from a fellow baseball wife. Friends of hers from back home were in the hospital with their 18 month old daughter, Preslee, as she was fighting for her life after falling into a canal at her grandparents home and drowning.

After the game tonight when I checked for updates I learned that she got her healing.

One hundred percent.

In the arms of Jesus.

What I am asking of you is this, please pray for her parents, Patrick and Ashley. I don't really have the words to express what they may be feeling. Pray for her grandparents, as they were babysitting when this all happened.

And tomorrow, when you're about to pull your hair out because your children are driving you batty....take a deep breath, thank the Lord that they are healthy and give them an extra squeeze or two.

That's what I'll be doing.


  1. I went to their site and read a few days...I am sad and devastated for that family. They are truly in my prayers - and pray that the Lord can wrap them up and help them heal.

  2. I cried reading that email...I cannot imagine how they must be doing...they are in our prayers-