Sunday, May 30, 2010

AshB really is a Star

Driving down the interstate Andy looked at me and said

This is never going to work. It will be a miracle if she gets one shot of all of us even remotely looking at her, let alone smiling.

Let me tell you people, miracles do happen.

Let's back up.

I was really itching to get family portraits done. I had called around at home before we left for spring training and well, some of the quoted prices were more than my first car.

Which if you saw the car, you would realize that it couldn't have been that much, but still, more than a car? Um, no thanks.

Once we got settled in Florida I checked out some photographers in the area, thinking maybe we would do something on the beach. Then I got nervous about my sand eaters babies and realized, that would not be a lovely portrait.

Then one fateful night we went for a walk, made it all the way to the next driveway and Lainey totally bit it. Poor thing scraped her face from forehead to chin, including her nose and upper lip.

Did I mention that she was showing the girls how fast she could run? She was.

Bless her heart.

And her coordination.

As I watched her little pink crocks go flying through the air, all photography dreams went soaring with them.

But as we neared the end of our stay, I realized that her nose wasn't looking too bad. And the upper lip was nearly healed. And if she tilted her head juuuuuust right, you would never even know about the face-plant incident.

So quickly, before anyone fell, or needed stitches, or ran smack into a doorway, I called our friend Ashley.

Ashley is a fellow baseball wife who has taken up photography as a hobby.

And she's stinkin' good at it.

We were together for several years in the Diamondbacks organization. We survived lived in places like El Paso, TX, Lancaster, CA and Tucson, AZ. The crazy thing is, the last time we were together was a baby shower, for both of us. Ashley was pregnant with Miss Ava, and I was carrying the Lainey Bug. Oh and one time she sat in Matt Damon's lap during a movie.

That last thing has nothing to do with my current story, I just thought you should know.

Seriously, Matt Damon.

On his lap.

Did I mention they frolicked on the beach? Because they did.

Sorry, got a little distracted.


Photography skills. She's got 'em. And when I said

how do you feel about trying to capture mobile twins, a talkative three old, and two side-tracked parents?

She said

Bring it. No worries. I'd love to.

And so we did.

This gal totally captured my girls even as they ran wild free. She scaled playground equipment, squatted in the grass, and even sacrificed her body by lying in the street.


And the results? Well, to say that we were pleased is putting it mildly.

A little taste of reality....

and yes, those are my new jeans.

I know you were wondering.

So if you're ever in the Tucson area, or Miami, or wherever baseball takes her, you should give her a call. She's amazing. And wonderful.

And she sat on Matt Damon's lap.

On the beach.

I'm just sayin'.


  1. Cute! In what part of FL does she do pics?

  2. Ash is such a good photographer! And you are such a good storyteller :) I love the Matt Damon references haha!

  3. Hey Nic,
    They were in Jupiter for spring, but now they're in Miami with the Marlins. They live in AZ in the off season.

    Thanks for the compliment! Your babies are so cute - I love the new pics Ash did of them when she was home....

  4. Loved reading this post! Great pictures. What adorable girls you have! Ashley is very talented!

  5. Funny thing is...I WAS wondering if those were your new jeans:) You guys look so cute! I love the pictures. We miss you and hope you are all doing well!

  6. Those pictures are wonderful! You have a beautiful family!