Saturday, May 22, 2010

Big Ambitions

During spring training I had two goals. One was to make it through our entire time in Florida without encountering a snake. The second was to get my girls to the beach.

One for two ain't bad.

Let's not dwell on the whole snake thing, just know that I kept my cool and didn't run screaming like a little sissy. I was quite brave. But I would like to get a memo to the snakes of Florida, actually to snakes everywhere,

Could you do this mama a favor and stay away from Easter Egg hunts that involve small children and scary, man-sized bunnies?

Thank you.

Now you may be thinking, wow, you really know how to go all out. Getting your girls to the beach ONE time, when you were in Florida for six weeks.

Here's the thing. There was really no way for me to take all three little ladies to the beach by myself. Emily was walking, Anna had just started and Lainey was totally enamored with digging in the sand. Add to the fact that I had no idea how they would each react to the sand and/or ocean upon seeing it for the first time. That and all I could picture was my babies trying to eat all the sand their little fingers could grasp.

(For the record, Lainey had been to the beach two spring trainings ago, and she LOVED it. But seeing as she was still an itty-bitty-smooshie-wittle baby, she had no recollection.)

I may be crazy brave, but I haven't lost all my faculties.


The big day arrived, and it happened to be Easter Sunday. And our last day in Florida.

Try not to cram too much in one day there, gal.

My mama was in town, getting geared up to help me make the trek back to the Bluegrass State. When you have three toddlers, one adult per child may still not be enough. But we're tough.

Let me tell you, the look on Lainey Bug's face when she took in the enormity of the crashing waves and the sheer volume of sand for her to dig in, totally worth the wait.

Emily was completely smitten. That or she was just happy to have the freedom to run amuck.

And Anna Grace, well, she needed some time to come to grips with one thing. Sand.

What do you think girls, maybe next year we'll go twice?


  1. Girl - I feel for you! LOL! We went to the beach last Fall - a 4 yr old and 2 - 22 month olds...once. LOL!! We were out numbered! 1 twin hated it - the sand, the waves. The other twin sat and dug in the sand and W ran and chased the waves (W) and pretended he was back in Maui :- ). The 12 yr old - we barely saw - LOL! Perhaps next year you'll go twice..but don't count on it! LOL!

  2. awesome... loved the post. can't wait to give you all lots of lovin! i have a similar pic of sarah responding like Anna Grace to the sand. Brought back memories. love you all!