Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Palooza, Take Two

One year old birthday parties are funny to me because, well the one year old doesn't really give a hoot.

At all.

Lainey's first birthday consisted of us staring at her while she didn't enjoy her cake. (Clearly she has refined her palate since then). Then opening the presents for her while she shredded the wrapping paper.

It was a wild one.

So when we were thinking of ways to celebrate surviving the first year of Anna Grace and Emily we knew we wanted to do something a little different. There would be food, and family and of course CAKE, but maybe we give gifts instead of receiving them.

Now let me just say, I'm all for my girls getting gifts. I want them to be gracious givers and receivers, but the Littles don't need a blessed thing. Thanks to Big Sister's expansive collection they have alot to choose from and really, they would rather play with clothes in a laundry basket (clean/dirty they have no preference) than anything with the words Fisher-Price emblazoned on it.

So lieu of gifts we asked folks to bring food for the Circles of Influence backpack program at our church. It was a total win-win. Kids in our community got some much needed food and I didn't have to clean up shreds of paper (times two!). Awesome.

Hats? Really? Um, no thanks.

Anna loved her cupcake.

As did Emily, although she was more about the icing than anything else.

Lainey was on her second before I caught her.

After all the hoopla, our sweet girls made their way upstairs to bed.

Dear Anna Grace and Emily,
You, my loves, have been the best surprise this mama could ever have. You have smiles that light up a room and personalities to match. It may be crazier at our house now, but it's a good crazy. Can't wait to see what fun you all have in store for us this next year. Thank you for being such good babies, and thank you Lord that they are healthy.
I love you Anna.
I love you Emily.

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