Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Twinnie Tuesday - Twin Talk Edition

There's a rumor out there that twins have their own language. I'm here to tell you, it's true(ish). I've read a little about twinspeak and from what I've gathered, it's not an actual secret language as much as it is repeating and reinforcing each other's gibberish.

Our girls do it the most when they are on separate floors of the house. Recently Anna was upstairs with me and she continually yelled down to Emily, who in turn yelled up to her.

None of which Lainey or I understood.

And once they were reunited, it stopped. I like to think that they were comforting each other, but I have a feeling Anna was saying something along the lines of

Nananabooboo, I'm up here with Mama, and you're all alooone.

She's been a little feisty lately, with all the teething she's got going on.

Bless her.

This has been such a different road that the one we were on with Lainey. When she was this age she had over 100 words that she used ALL THE TIME.

But she sat still while she gabbed.

These two little ladies don't sit still. Ever.

And they have a few words, but they are very basic, and they don't really use them on their own, I have to ask them to repeat them.

So we've started with sign language to try to cross the communication barrier and cut down on frustration. So far Emily signs "more", "please" and a hilarious version of "all done".

When I ask Anna to sign "please" or "more" instead of shouting for more food she shakes her head "no".

Tell me she doesn't know what's going on.


So yesterday at lunchtime, I was once again trying to get Anna to "say" please or more in requesting some of her beloved honey bunnies.

Again, she shook her head at me.

Lord, please help us during the teenage years. Amen.

And then Emily did this.

Nothing to see here mom, nope, just minding my own business.....

Relishing in the success of sharing.....

Clearly, Emily is the director of communications for this posse and she thought her "please, more" was enough to cover the both of them.

My bad.


  1. Ok, those girls are too cute!! You had me laughing with Anna shaking her head no and then the pictures! I can't even stand it. You're doing an awesome job!!

  2. It gets better. I have one who will eat off the other's plate (yes, they have the same thing) and then eat his own. Cuz, ya know...he might run out if he eats his first :- )

    The best part of your photos was the reality in the background on the counter. It is very comforting :- )(

  3. Oh Stacy, I hesitated to even TAKE the pictures b/c of the counter tops. But if you're ever at our house, you'll know that they are almost always like that.

    Out of shame, I cleaned them during naptime this morning.

  4. Great Jessie. Thanks a lot. Now I have to clean up! Sheesh!! That and all the junk on the floor. It's amazing how messy some people's kids can be...oh wait, they're mine :- )