Friday, March 26, 2010

To All of Lainey's Future College Friends

If Lainey still has a tendency to say words wrong or mess up her sentence structure every now and again, you can blame me. But I had a really good reason.

She was growing up way too fast.

It's funny because she started talking way before walking and is actually quite good at it. But it recently dawned on me that she's headed toward that big girl stage where she won't change words around or pronounce them wrong.

So I stopped correcting her.

You heard me.

Like when she put my glasses on and told me that my face looked flurry (blurry). I just smiled and said

it sure does.

Or when she gets frustrated with something new she's trying and says

I can't (don't) know how!

I just help her figure it out.

And the other night when her Daddy rented Jungle Book for her?

We've all been singing "Bear NeSesames" ever since.

One night we were laying in bed with her, doing the tucking in thing. She poked Andy in the nose and said


He tried to convince her it's either honk or bonk, but she wasn't having it.

And I was so proud.

So if you're sitting in class with her and she tells you

my feets are cold

or asks you

how many pieces of rain are falling?

Just smile, nod and help her find an umbrella and some dry socks.

That's what I would do.

Thank you,
Lainey's Mama


  1. HILAROUS. I love your stories, Jess. :) Something tells me she has a laid back, easygoing, sweet personality just like her mama. Thanks for sharing so we can feel like our little families are connected over the miles!

  2. Awe so precious! Why do our children have to grow so fast?!!!

  3. I'm so with you on this... Isaiah sings Bear NeSesames too... "forget about your worries and your stripes."