Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Tale of Two Biddies

One afternoon this week the girlies and I made an emergency run to Wal-mart. We needed side walk chalk. Clearly, we cannot enjoy the sunshine in Florida without it.
While we were there gathering the necessities and trying our hands hips at hula-hooping (Lainey and I both have a little ways to go before we get that one down) the girls got lots of ews and ahs about how cute they were. Nothing makes an
old fogey experienced person happier than seeing well-behaved children. And twins with matching hair bows? Nearly puts them in a diabetic coma, they're so sweet.

Except for one old gal.

I was in the produce department searching for a firm green pepper when I noticed her staring at my brood. She glanced at me and said

These your twins?

*Yes, ma'am.

She yours too?

*You betcha.

I assume this is all you have? (while giving the knowing eye that SURELY there can't be MORE!)

and then I actually said

*For now! Have a great day!

and we rolled away.

In hindsight I wish I would have gone all Duggar on her and said

Nope, the older 16 are at home on the back forty making soap.

But I never think of those things when they're appropriate. Plus, I'm a chicken. And truly, if I were to get pregnant any time in the near future my new address would be

123 Loony Bin in Crazy Town, USA.

But when someone else thinks that I already have enough children and they roll their eyes at the ones I already have? Kinda ruffles this mama's feathers. Just a bit.

I managed to get over it, because really, bless her heart, maybe she had a bad childhood. Maybe she was having a bad hair day. Maybe she forgot her fiber. Regardless, I hope she did have a great day.

And 37 great grandchildren.

Anyhoo, we checked out, headed to the van and as I was loading my crew (which is code for my booty was hanging out the side door as I was buckling one baby while keeping an eye on the other baby who has a tendency to climb out of the cart and fussing at Lainey to please get into her seat and stop puttering around because it's bloomin' hot in here and I want to get groceries in the front and the engine running before our sour cream really lives up to it's name) I hear

Excuse me, ma'am?

*Yes? (as I awkwardly hung my head out the door)

I just wanted to say that I saw you in the store and your children are adorable and so well behaved and clean. You're a great mom.

Blessings on you, sweet little dark-haired lady with cool shades. You totally made my day.

And made me wonder if there are a lot of dirt covered children running around Florida.


  1. Oh the things people say! B and I were picking up some stuff from Walmart and on the list was diapers for Nick and Deanna... well the lady at the checkout looked at us and said, "Are these for you?" We said no and she said, "Thank goodness, right?" The nerve!

  2. Oh Jessie the parallel lives we lead!! I can't tell you how many times I have heard that or seen that look. Really, you and I have a greater chance of our kids taking really good care of us when we are really old!! I mean, seriously, ONE of them'll do it!. If you have 1 or 2, geez, you could end up in a home or somethin'!

  3. Oh I get this all the time! When I was pregnant with my fifth I was asked alot if I was expecting my first and I very casually replied "nope, my fifth" - It has great shock value let me tell you! I also get asked if I'm babysitting or if the older girls are my sisters...Such fun!