Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sugar and Spice, Hold the Spice

Right after the holiday season we Greenies enter another season of celebrations.

We call it Birthday Palooza.

Actually, we don't call it anything, but I'm hoping that phrase catches on. Lainey's birthday is in January and the Littles celebrate a few weeks later in early February.

We had two (TWO!) parties for Lainey, which was just fine by her because that meant more cake.

The girl LOVES cake. And anything else that involves a spike in her blood sugar.

A few days ago I was divvying up some animal crackers to the Littles and there was only one left in the bag. I offered it to Lainey and she grabbed it, stood on her chair, and yelled


The sweet tooth is me; the drama, I have no idea.

We don't deprive our gals of sugar, but we don't offer it. Lainey's favorite drink is water. She really didn't have any sweets on a regular basis until we started potty training.

My friends, there are some parts of parenting which completely require bribery.

Anyhoo, the family party was lovely and who doesn't love a room full of cousins and pizza? Plus, there was cake.

Then for the second extravaganza we had lots of little people and their drivers parents for jumping house (daddy's plan), a craft (nerd mommy's plan) and more CAKE (clearly Lainey's gig). And this cake? Well, it was the real deal. Totally put my Betty Crocker self to shame. A friend from our high school days makes them for fun.

Did you hear me? FOR THE FUN OF IT!

Yeah, but can a cake that looks adorable taste any good?

Um, yes.

I will decline to give an exact count to the number of pieces consumed by the Mr. and myself for a few evenings following Birthday Palooza #2 (see, it's totally catching on!), but I did have to loosen my belt a notch. Or two.

Jumping themselves silly

Nerd's Mama's craft

Okay, whose crazy idea was it to sit the little people down and give them glue?

Make a wish sweet baby girl, make a wish.

Lainey Bug,
You, my girl, are a gift. Every day with you is an adventure. You are so patient with your sisters, and they adore you. I hope to help you become all that God intends you to be. Strong, but humble. Gracious and sincere. Faithful and trustworthy. I am proud of you. I love you.


  1. Great post! What cute kids! I think birthday palooza sounds fab! :)

  2. this was the birthday you all came to celebrate with us for little miss Sarah... and uncle Andy held baby Jackson on his lap while I tried to have some sort of fun with a houseful of kiddos... memories... happy birthday palooza!