Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twinnie Tuesday

I'm a mom who always tries to speak the truth. No sugar coating.

Like when Lainey asked why isn't my fuzzy little caterpillar moving anymore and I said,

well, honey that's because Jake smooshed it with his big wheel and now it's dead.

All kids want is the truth.

So when I took the Littles in for their nine month appointment I laid it all out. Warned them that there was going to be some nakedness, some cold stethoscopes and

a shot.

Or two.

They gave me this look

The direct translation for that is

whatchyou talkin' bout, Willis?

(and now everyone knows approximately how old I am. Or wonders what in the world I am talking about.)

There were some tears and yelps of panic, but I recovered and so did they.

Emily Faith was 20 lbs 4 oz 28 1/2 inches and AnnaGrace was 20 lbs 2 oz 28 1/4 inches.

Which totally explains my back pain.

And the crackling sound my left knee makes every time I take the stairs.

We have got some big mamas in this house, and they are so wonderful. Poor things have been cutting more teeth, mostly on our shoulders and fingers.

The bruises should be healed by spring.

Emily now has four and AnnaGrace has three with another on it's way any day. She is desperate to get that bugger in. She's tried everything....

That, or she's considering becoming a vegetarian. I'll keep you posted.

They are both pulling up on everything, including Big Sister's hair. Which doesn't ever end well. For anyone.

Thankfully they have both realized that they have GOT to start chipping in around here. Obviously, mama cannot handle all this alone.

So Emily unloads the dishwasher,

takes care of the bathrooms,

and together they take out the garbage.

I really don't want them to take on too much. For crying out loud, they're still kids. So most of the time, they just hang out.

Much love,

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