Monday, November 30, 2009

Of Course You Did

Yesterday was long. It was just one of those days.

So after we got the exhausted Littles to bed, I had Lainey in the tub. I decided to soak my feet in the warm water and wondered why I hadn't thought of it before. We chatted about toes and nail polish, you know, important things.

Then my sweet, precious, innocent almost three year old looked up at me with those bright baby blues and said,

Mom, I peed in here.



  1. Oh Jessie, maybe you should ask Santa for your very own, un-peed in foot baths :- ). Tho, I'm pretty sure my kids bathe in urine infested bath water, and drink it as well. :- )

  2. That made me laugh really hard. Wish we lived closer so we could share those long days together sometimes.:) Love you guys and we missed you lots over Thanksgiving!

  3. Stac- I really knew better, but was too tired to do any thinking

    Kacey , glad I could give you a giggle. We really missed you all at thanksgiving, although we were not too healthy and didn't hang out long.

    Hugs to you both!-

  4.'s sterile :) Consider it a "treatment" ...LOL :) I love it! Miss you my friend.

  5. lol - really! You are a great writer! Love it!