Monday, November 16, 2009

She Works Hard for No Money

Well folks, it's time. Time for one of those posts where we learn something and are all the better for it. Some people publish favorite recipes, which I am all for, except most of the time, I don't have half the ingredients needed (what in the world is turmeric, anyway?). What about making a quick trip to the store, you're thinking. Ah, friend, these days, there is no such thing.

I mean, by the time I pack the diaper bag, find Lainey's shoe, change Emmy's diaper, find Lainey's other shoe, change Emmy's diaper again because she's pooped, try to find matching socks for the littles, now Anna's spit up, where are the keys, get them in the car, buckle them in, find my sunglasses.......shoo-wee, now I am no longer hungry for what I was gonna make, and I can't remember where I put my list.

Although, someday soon I would love to make these because I have heard that they are UNbelievable. Not that I've actually tasted them,
because it would involve a trip to the store.

And I might have to turn on the oven.

So lets move on to the lesson. A step-by-step approach to something we could all use in these harsh economic times.

Money laundering.

Now, by money laundering, I mean actually washing your money. To be clear, I mean coins, because who would wash bills, that would just be silly.

This started because my sweet husband gave my two year old all the coins out of his piggy bank. Stop giggling, it's completely appropriate for a 32 year old man to have one, we've all got to start saving these days. Anyhoo, she LOVES her collection. Just like her littles, she pours them into cups, carries them in her pockets and spends minutes hours entertained by them every day.

But oh, the stink.

Her hands were smelling so gross every time she played with them. You know, that yucky, musty, metal, just played with money smell?

I was washing her hands 83 times a day. That's in addition to the 34 times we were washing because of potty trips and swine flu prevention.

So I decided, instead of washing her hands all the live long day, why not just wash the coins?*

Some days, I am just that good.

We started with a good ole soak in the sink with really hot water and some not to be mentioned soap. I would post a photo, but I don't have one. You're going to have to use your imagination. Forgive me. I have twins.

Then we swished them around a bit for good measure, and rinsed them off.

Never want to miss a teaching moment for my girl......

The final step is to simply let them air dry. The sun is an amazing tool when it comes to getting stains and stink out.


No joke, these things cleaned up quite nicely. They may have been a little too shiny because Emily crawled right into the glass door and bruised her noggin. I think she was blinded by the light. That or she may need glasses. And a helmet.

So there you have it. A penny saved is a penny that could be cleaned.

You're welcome.

*just for the record, I still wash her hands after she plays with them, because um, ewww!


  1. You are so funny... love reading your thoughts :). BTW - I can so smell that yucky coin smell right now.. yuck!

  2. great idea, mom! :) made me smile.
    love you!

  3. Stacey- congrats to you all for then world series win! Wow! What a blessing. I looked at you blog last night and can't get over how beautiful and grown up Shelby is! Hope you have a great off season.

    Sharon- honey, we sure miss you all. I know ihave been in touch much, but I think of you often and pray for you too. Are you really coming for a visit this summer ? Would love to see you. Hugs!

  4. Fun post! I totally enjoyed reading it!