Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twinnie Tuesday

We are seriously ahead of schedule in the Green household. You may be thinking, hmmm ahead on what? Did she get the winter clothes swapped out with the summer ones?

Um, no.

Did she get the house winterized and the girls flu shots?

I really don't know what that first thing means, and I tried to get the shots, I truly did, but our pedi is out until November (grrr). I guess they haven't seen the 8 million commercials stating the importance of prevention.

Maybe she got ALL of their Christmas shopping done.

bwahahahahahahahaha. No, that is most definitely not it.

I guess I should clarify that when I say we, I mean Emily.

Are you ready for this one? She's crawling. And by crawling I mean up on all fours, one limb in front of the other, no weird army schooching (sorry Lainey!) crawling.
A big shout out to Anna Grace who is also up on all fours and will be joining baby b shortly, I am sure.

I guess it's time to baby proof, or buy kiddie leashes.

Totally kidding.

I think.

In the chompers department, Anna is up by one, with a grand total of two bottom teeth. Mommy Emily just might go a little cuckoo if her second one doesn't make an appearance in the near future tomorrow.

Now onto the gratuitous photos of my girlies. I love them more and more every day. Especially Lainey, because she's starting to do things on her own. Like get snacks.

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Okay, so I don't love one more than the other. How could I not adore these faces, even when they are planning their escape?

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My sweet Anna Grace

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And the ever feisty Emmy

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Now that I think about it, I am slightly ahead of schedule. Here's a preview of our Halloween cuteness....

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much love,



  1. haha I think that you are secretly a comediene- I laugh so hard when I read your blog!!! Miss you

  2. Here I was certain it was the Christmas shopping that was ahead of schedule!!! You have me beat on Halloween tho - certainly I must work on that this week :-)

    On teeth - our 2 acquired about 12 teeth in the last 6 weeks. Boy do I wish I was exaggerating on that one :- ) It has been so joyful here - lol!!!

    Glad to see competition has set in at your house!!! Always a good motivator!!!

  3. Love the Minnie Mouse costumes and really love the picture of the twins trying to escape. :)

  4. Ok, I took crack up every time I read you blog. And I cracked up at the pictures too...love the one of Lainey and the snacks (feel your pain there), as well as the one of the twins trying to escape the bumbos (also feel your pain there, as that's William's posture of choice in said seat). Oh yeah, and Emily looks EXACTLY like Andy to me!! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!! Speaking of which, I should really get to bed.