Thursday, October 1, 2009

God is Bigger than the Boogeyman

A while ago the Boss took me on a little get-a-way adventure. When I mentioned to my mom where we were going she said

really? I thought you all were hotel, room service kinda people.

Yeah right, Nana. We are SO into the outdoors thing. Camping is my life.

So long as camping includes electricity, a jacuzzi tub, a dvd player, and air conditioning.

We were just west of the the middle of nowhere. I would show it to you on a map, but Christopher Columbus and his people haven't gotten there yet. It was the most gorgeous, peaceful setting. When we first arrived all we could do was stare at the water and wonder how it was possible for it to be that quiet.

Then we took a little nature walk and did what most people do. We threw rocks at trees (Andy) and swatted the bugs (Jessie). Okay, so I threw a few rocks, but I wasn't hitting anything. At all. On purpose or accidentally. That is until Andy gave me some pointers and I totally hit one the first time I tried it his way. Huh, it's like he does this for a living, or something.

Moving on.

That evening we were enjoying our dinner on the deck when the bees decided to join us. So we quickly made our way, along with the food, back into the cabin. We ate, we I drank, we played 83 rounds of Sequence, roasted marshmallows over a candle ( I know, so roughing it!) and then settled in for a movie.

Now when you're just west of the middle of nowhere, it's really dark. I mean, can't- see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face dark; which for movie watching is awesome. Right up until we reached that scene in the movie where the bad dude is gearing up to go shoot anyone who stands in his way and then in real life we hear

clang! bang! boom! crash!

Oh crap.

Right outside our door, on the deck, the bad guy had arrived to shoot us, and apparently he was as clumsy as me.

Andy jumped up, and I told him to turn on the lights.

Why? he asked.

Because everything is less scary in the dark! I said.

He laughed at me, and then obliged. Although he pointed out that now scary noise maker could actually see us, since we turned the lights on for him.


Neither of us was brave enough to see who/what was making the noise so we watched the last 14 minutes of the movie with the lights on. (Ha, I told him it would make it better).

Then we had a choice. Do we look outside, or not?

We went with option a, and I got ready for bed. Only I couldn't sleep, because the windows were open in the bedroom (who needs fresh air?!?!). I just knew if I got up to close them, the bad guy would slice through the screen and get me.

My husband took care of it. Not only did he close the windows, but he slept on the side of the bed closest to the door while holding a boat oar.

Hmm, a boat oar, you're thinking. Not the best choice for a weapon.

You work with what you have, people. You work with what you have.

Then I did what I hadn't done in a blue moon. I slept. Ultimately, this was the goal of the getaway. I have pretty much been tired since February. I am blessed to have alot of help from my family, but even when I sleep, it's with one eye open, waiting for a sweet little girl to need me.

Andy knew this. He knew that if he didn't lay beside me and say, it's okay, I've got this one, you rest - I wouldn't have. I fell asleep knowing that if the bad guy jumped through the window, or even worse, if a spider crawled into our bed, Andy had it covered.

God is like that. He's sitting at the doorway, holding an oar, ready to knock the obstacles out of your life. He wants you to rest.

Just lost your job and stressed about the bills? Rest.
Have a rebellious child who won't listen to your wisdom? Rest.
Lost your spouse to cancer? Rest.
Feeling lonely? Rest.
Tired of the same old battles you face? Rest.
He's right there, waiting for you to give it to him, whatever it may be, and rest.


The next morning I bravely stepped out onto the deck, prepared to to face the beast. That, and I had left my library book out by the porch swing, and who really wants to pay late fees? To my dismay, I found this.......

Maybe we should have double checked our clean-up efforts after the bees chased us inside. Apparently the smell of meat attracts animals, or something. All I know is, next time we go camping we should really consider renting a much less intense movie.

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  1. LOVE IT, LOVE IT. I'm so glad y'all got away and that the bear, (you know it was probably a BEAR, right?), didn't venture indoors!!!! Happy off-season to y'all!