Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twinnie Tuesday - Cereal!

My little Anna has literally been chomping at the bit to start solids. She stares, drools and even sometimes growls at anyone who dares to eat in front of her.

(Poor Grandpa didn't even finish his sandwich, he felt so bad for her. Bless him.)

So I promised my little starving gal that when we got back from our trip to Columbus, we would start cereal. She clapped in delight and got a twinkle in her eye. I guess it could've been gas, but regardless, she was definitely excited.

Emily wasn't really showing any signs of being ready, but being new to the twin thing, I couldn't feed one and not the other! Heaven forbid! I just knew that if I only fed Anna, years from now, in some therapist's office, my Em would be pouring her heart out about how I fed her sister first, leaving her to waste away.

Turns out, I probably should have waited for Emily to start. Because, well, just check it out for yourself.....

note the sour face? poor Em, she shuddered, she hated it so much

one more try, um, no, this is not for me....

Anna giving it a go...

hmm, this has definite possibilities.....

and then, Em tried desperately to stop Anna from eating any more of that drivel

So I jumped the gun with Baby B a little bit. Guess I really do have to treat them as individuals. I am continuing to give Anna a little "lunch" every afternoon.

I just make Emmy watch.

We are so going to be on Dr. Phil.


  1. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who feels I will be sending my twins into immediate therapy if they don't get the same things - we don't even separate them to do errands yet and they are almost 2! It is so hard to feed 1 and not the other...you figure "while I'm doing it..." hahaha!!! Why mess twice? Good luck - food is a beautiful thing...wait until you go to the store and come home with nothing but jar food - hahaha!

  2. Karen Wilson sent me to your blog! Very entertaining! I'm expecting twin boys in Feb. 2010. I keep seeing the bumbos.... are you using those instead of space hogging high chairs? I kind of like the idea! Let me know if you get a chance.

  3. Hey Rachael!
    Congrats on two little babies! I hope you are feeling good. I was a miserable pregnant person, but all my girlies were totally worth every minute of it. I do recommend the bumbos, but only until they start to try to get out of them. I used them alot for about 3 months and then both of the twins started to arch their backs and could pop themselves out. This is not safe at all!
    I now use the FisherPrice Eat Seats that attach to any chair. We travel alot so this makes the most sense for us.
    I had a high chair with our first daughter that was a gift and I really didn't like it. It took up too much space and was hard to clean, and that was just with one child!
    Feel free to email me anytime if you have twin questions, I may not know the answer but maybe we can work through it together!