Saturday, August 15, 2009

We did it! Part Two.

Thanks to my procrastination spot-on planning , we were very nearly packed for our Columbus trip before we even got back from Indy! Just wash those clothes and throw 'em back in the bags.

Martha Stewart would be so proud.

Lainey and those sweet Littles did so very well in the car, maybe a little too well, because when we first arrived at my aunt and uncle's house, they all got a second wind and stayed up until midnight. Not cool.

Andy had a day off (!) and we finally got Lainey to the Zoo. Poor thing had never been and we had been trying to go since last summer. Then I got pregnant with twins....(really, that's my excuse for everything - paid a late bill, twins - forgot to write thank you notes, twins - haven't shaved my legs in a month week, should give it a try sometime!).
The weather was overcast, which for our girlies was perfect and really, the pictures speak for themselves!

and then there was baseball fun......

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Where shall we go next week, girls?


  1. AWESOME!!!! I love the pics! I too love the excuse of the twins, boy, I bet we could burn a hole in that excuse! Good thing we are many states away!!!! Why aren't the girls in baseball jerseys??? Cute as pumpkin pie they are, must be becauase you have twins... :- )

  2. I'm not sure what people say, but I see you in Lainey and Andy in the Littles (love that you call them that!) :)
    Shelby enjoyed the zoo pictures... she said "cute babies.. look, fishies".