Monday, August 31, 2009

Nostrils are SO entertaining!

I have never really had to child proof the house. Lainey wasn't one to put things in her mouth, or climb things. Let's face it, she didn't walk until she was 17 months old, so I had it pretty easy in the keeping-up-with-the-baby department.

She has always enjoyed playing with small things. Marbles, checkers, and these seriously tiny beads she calls "littles" (hence the name for our girls!) are her go-to toys. She loves to put them in cups and pour them back and forth, or just carry her "jewels" around, showing off her treasure to anyone who cares to see it.

One night, a few weeks ago, while she was eating dinner, I said something to her from my seat on the couch (feeding a baby - it's what I do). Oddly, she was staring at the wall and wouldn't even acknowledge my voice. If you've met her, you know that girlfriend rarely passes up an opportunity to chat. After several attempts to get her attention (Lainey Hope, look at mama!), my mom meandered over to the table, took a look at our gal and said

um, we have a problem.

Then she started to giggle.

I jumped up, ran over to the table and there she was - my girl, sitting in all her glory, with peas stuck up her nose.

Not just any peas, mind you.

They were dried peas.

Know what happens when dried foods get stuck into snot filled nostrils?


Yep, just let that thought sink in for a moment.

So, I gathered my wits about me, as well as a nose-sucker, tweezers, and a flashlight. (Not really sure what the flashlight was gonna do for me, but it seemed like a proper tool).

Now she's crying, because she realizes this isn't going to end well. My mom keeps saying, I think you're gonna have to go back to the twilight clinic (we'd been that day for Emmy's pink eye), and I am determined to get these little boogers (bwahaha, I am too funny!) on my own.

Or call a friend to do it for me.

Unfortunately, my good friend and neighbor, Courtney, wasn't home.

So it was all on me.

If this should ever happen to you, please note the following. If your toddler hasn't fully grasped the concept of blowing his/her nose, now is not the time to try to teach it. Because now the peas have climbed higher up and she's telling me it hurts.

Oy vey.

Eventually, between the nose sucker and the tweezers, her tears and my giggles, we got them out. Two of them actually, one for each hole.

I did use the flashlight, for good measure, just to make sure there wasn't anything else up there - like maybe chocolate chips or something.

You know, for dessert.


  1. hilarious! My sister and I did this. with red we could "act like" our noses were bleeding. I sneezed. :)

  2. OMG Jessie - I almost peed laughing so hard. Of course MY kids never do things like that. Ever. Of course not. I will be calling you for my next crisis!!!

  3. J- I know, me too! That night I confessed to my mom that I had tried to smell some beads that I had and one went up my nose, never to be seen again. Maybe that's why I have sinus troubles? :)
    S - I would NEVER expect any one of your brood to do anything like this. I mean they are way too busy doing homework, cleaning their rooms and helping you with laundry and the like.... :)

  4. Wow Jessie, how did you know that all my kids ever do is laundry (shake the clothes, run them down the hall and throw them hopefully find later), clean toys (empty containers, shelves, and drawers to rearrange) and do homework (use markers to draw beards, tatoos and such all over ones self). Do you have a nanny cam in my house somewhere??? I'd better hid my candy a little better then :- )