Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Word to Your Mother

I did a dumb thing yesterday. I took four hungry, tired and fussy girls to the grocery store.

At four o clock. 

In the afternoon.

Did I mention the hungry and the tired?

Somewhere between the pickles,the hot pockets and trying to determine if Emily did indeed have a boo-boo or a new freckle they all three broke out into a mash up of Survivor (remember Beyonce's old band Destiny's Child ?) and Kum-ba-yah.

One older gal pushed her cart past us and said

I've been trying to figure out what they're singin.....

So are they, sister. So are they.

My giant car-buggy got stuck in the check out line, we almost stole a hershey's bar and just when I thought we'd made our great escape on what was supposed to be a run in for milk

Lainey spotted the wind chimes.

And by spotted I mean she side swiped the whole display which led to such a clanging I'm pretty sure it was heard in the Grand Canyon.

Basically it was a normal trip to the store with three children.

None the less, it made me wish that bedtime was at 6:30.

For me.

Once we got home and settled I was scrolling the facebook

And there was this:

A few things:

A) My husband is related to Kelley, who is a creative genius.
B) Kelley was one of my bridesmaids.
3)There-to-fore, I am a genius. (Don't ask how, the math is very complicated).
IV) Jon, Kelley's hubby (also a creative genius), has one of the best worship CD's out there. It's my go-to when I need to talk to Jesus. Tell Him all my troubles. You can find Jon's cd here.

And in closing, if you don't think that those babies (Isaiah, Aaron, and sweet angel baby Aria) aren't the most adorable things this side of the moon

You betta check yourself,

Before you wreck yourself.


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  1. Holy moly how does she talk so fast? Very cute kiddos.