Saturday, May 5, 2012

Doing the Pinterest

I have the Pinterest app on my cell phone. And I kinda love it. It keeps me off the regular computer where I could get lost for hours but I get to check out all the cute stuff my friends have pinned.

Well, I used to love the Pinterest app.

Until I kept seeing all the pics posted on facebook of all the things said friends were

actually making.

What in the world?  I thought this was just a place to pin all the pretties and call it a day.

Seriously? All you people with your snazzy Santa ornaments, hot dogs carved into flamingos and cute front door wreathes made out of recycled dental floss?

And then the other day this showed up in my newsfeed. Mocking me. Calling me out.

The caption read:

Thanks to Pinterest, my kids think I'm awesome!

Thanks alot, Krystal.

And to all you other overachievers.

(I'm pointing at you Missi! Making your own dishwasher soap out of bark and lamb's wool. Sheesh!)

Well, I've had enough of you crafting crazies. If I'm gonna be on this Pinterest band wagon I might as well jump all the way in. I've got  38 boards and 654 pins.

(I blame the app. And my iPhone. And Steve Jobs. May he rest in peace.)

So if I  make/build/burn just one craft/boat/dinner a week I'll have enough posts for like

(hold please ~I'm counting.......carry the two......  )

.......a very long time. That's what I've got. Enough posts for a very long time.

So watch out people, mama's gettin out the glue gun. And once a week  when I can get to it with as much of a regular schedule as I can muster I'll share the awesomeness that Pinterest will help me produce.

I might even make something for dinner that doesn't involve poultry.

And maaaybe my kids will think I'm awesome too.




  1. Yay! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  2. Hahaha! I just posted my pinterest makings today! :) Mine are really easy if you need to cheat and copy. :)

  3. I have a lot of pins...and I usually forget to look at them...I just keep pinning :0!