Monday, May 23, 2011

so long, farewell (for nana)

Update: I fixed the video so that it's no longer marked "private". So sorry about that! Have a great day.

Although I call Kentucky home, I was actually born in Ohio. My dad had a few different jobs over the years that required our little family of four to move. On more than one occasion my mom, younger brother and I had to stay behind while we waited for the house to sell or the school year to end.

During one of those seasons of life, my mom decided it would be a great time to introduce us to that great American treasure,

the musical.

We still refer to it as

the Summer of Musicals.

We watched Oklahoma, The Music Man, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Bye, Bye Birdie, South Pacific, Fiddler on the Roof, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and the list goes on and on (and on).

When you bring it up with my brother, he starts to twitch a little.

He'll be fine.

But me, I LOVED it. The songs, the dancing, the stories, all of it.

Because there's nothing like a show tune to teach a life lesson. I mean, it's a story put to music and music put in a story. Genius!

Like when I'm scrubbing the girls in the tub and bust out with

I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair

they know not to settle for anyone less than perfect.

And last week when we were attempting the whole potty training thing I was humming the tune to

Shipoopi from the Music Man.

It seemed appropriate.

Maybe it comes naturally to my girls, or maybe they can't help it because it's been practically forced upon them, but my girls have caught the bug.

They love The Sound of Music. And by love I mean they sing the songs from it

Every day.

And so, in honor of Nana (my mom), who once forced shared the joy upon with me, here are my girls singing their current favorite tune.....

A few thoughts....

A) Clearly Lainey has entered the 4 year old bossy pants stage. It's loads of fun. And she's so serious about putting on her "show" she tells her beloved daddy to hush up.

I love it.

B) At about the 42 second mark when Anna (pink bow) lays down in the doorway, it's not because she's lazy or suffers from narcolepsy. She's playing the part of Gretl, waiting for her older sister to whisk her off her feet and carry her up the stairs.

Which is slightly unfortunate because her real older sister can barely lift her two inches off the ground and we are currently living in a one story


C) Emily (purple bow). Oh Em. You've got to give this girl credit. Even though she runs into the wall (TWICE) she still comes back out to sing.

Because the show, it must go on.

D) Ham. Every family needs one, ours happens to be Anna Grace. I think all that chin bobbing really helped her nail that high note at the end.

E) If you watched that whole video, you may just qualify for sainthood.

Or maybe you should become a nun.........


  1. nana is so proud of the musicals continuing!
    i loved it all.
    my grandchildren are soooo bright and such hams.
    but what i love best is their imagination and play time together.
    sweet memories for sure.
    still looking for twirly dresses.
    hugs from Tennessee

  2. Amazing! I wish I had known that you and the girls love musicals. Ainsley would have joined right in with that masterpiece:) She always scoots up the stairs backwards like Gretl. Her 2 favorites are definitely Sound of Music and Oklahoma...and it's not because I grew up with musicals. AJ and his brother Josh can sing and recite every song in almost every movie you mentioned above...with actions.
    Love love the high note! Ainsley is the big bossy sister too, maybe Luke will be Fredrick next time we see you guys!!!

    Miss you all!
    Cindy Ellis

  3. Tears streaming down my face as I am laughing so hard!!

  4. OH MY GOSH that has got to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen in my life! Wow, they are precious.