Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PottyGate Update Part True

Despite what you may have gathered from yesterday's photos, things have not gone well on the old potty train.

Emily teased me early in day one. She happened to be sitting on the pot (finishing breakfast) when she started to toot so I was able to talk her through number two right off the bat.

That's when I thought

Yes! This isn't gonna be too bad!

Until I said

Good girl, Em, you POOPED ON THE POTTY! YAY!

And she said,

No, I watchin Cat in da Hat. Mo waffull peas (more waffle, please)?

No connection to what just happened.

Know what else she did that day? The stinker held her pee until 1:30 in the afternoon. Guess when she finally went?

While I was in the bathroom.

Oh Irony, we are no longer friends.

Thankfully she did it in the kitchen on the tile.

Unfortunately, she also tried to clean up the huge puddle herself. Which is how I found her. Standing in the buff, swishing pee across the floor with a broom.

I was only gone for 49 seconds.

Anna didn't even really want to sit on the potty for any significant period of time, unless she was being fed sugar.

Chocolate was her treat of choice.

But it took her .2 seconds to down the M&M's and then she was off and running to play.

Thankfully, most of her accidents were on towels strategically placed throughout the vicinity.

By the end of the second day, between the two girls ZERO pee had made it into the pink potties.

Nary a drop.

On top of that, Anna was now holding everything in.


And poor Lainey was bored out of her gourd because we couldn't go anywhere.

So this pajama-clad-for-the-second-day mama made an executive decision.

No more die-hard potty training. For now.

We washed the pretty pink undies and put them away. The ladies are wearing pull ups during the day and from time to time they ask to sit on the potty.

We will just take it slow. I never wanted to stress them out or hurt their little digestive systems.

Now the real dilemma is

who in the world is going to eat that giant bag of M&M's I bought to bribe reward them with?

Sigh. The things a mother does for her children......


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  1. I think PT is the most stressful part of parenting - LOL!! I can even deal with teenager issues, but potty training - stresses me out!

    M&M's worked with Wyatt. Ainslie didn't need a bribe, she is a Type A over achiever who strives to be awesome at all she does and Micah - thought he should just eat the chocolate, not worry about the potty part. (sigh). Now, at 3.5, Micah is perfect during day, but still wears a pull up at night and nap...and frequently wets them. Looks at me and smiles and says "I gotta try hard mom". Yes, let's do that...(sigh).

    Get yourself a starbucks girl, you deserve it!