Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oops, She Did It Again

My Lainey Bug is just like her mama, in more ways than one. She got my blue eyes, my bird legs and a deep fondness of all things musical.

She also got my superb coordination.

This is me, jumping.

Bless my heart.

And my children who have to overcome such um, issues to get their daddy's athletic ability.

About this time last year, we were in Port St. Lucie, FL for spring training with the Mets. It was unseasonably cool there last spring, so we spent alot of time at the park or going for walks instead of kicking it at the pool like we'd hoped. One night, right at the beginning of one of those walks Lainey went running ahead of the stroller to show the Littles

how fast she could run.

While wearing cr0cs.

We had barely made it to the next door neighbor's driveway when she went flying, head over heels and scraped up her sweet little face from forehead to nose.

She was a mess.

We were picking gravel out of her scalp for a week.

So just a few days ago, here in Arizona we had another incident.

And by we, I mean she. And by she I mean Lainey.

I know, you didn't see that one coming.

Neither did she.

I was in the kitchen and the Littles were playing with Daddy in the living room when we all heard




(One of my worst fears is the kids chipping or breaking a tooth. Really. Every time they fall and land anywhere near their mouths I can't breathe until I check those chompers.)

(I have issues.)

I step around the corner to find my poor girl bawling and blood oozing out the side of her mouth.


We got her into the kitchen with a wet towel to her mouth and I kid you not, she spit a chunk of her lip out.

A CHUNK of her LIP.


Into my hand.


Now she's really sobbing because the blood is scaring her, the Littles are staring and jabbering

Nainey got a boo-boo? Nainey cwying?

And I'm still holding a piece of her lip.

While breathing a slight sigh of relief that it's not a tooth.

Turns out she tripped (over nothing) bounced off the wall and landed with a thunk on the hard tile floor. Somewhere during the course of that craziness her tooth went into her top lip and ripped it wide open.

And now, poor little lady has a seriously fat lip.

We haven't let her see the inside,

but it's not pretty.

Too add insult to injury, tonight after we got home from the park, I was emptying the bag and tossed her soccer ball through the sliding glass door, into the back yard

and directly into her the face.

She forgave me, after crying. Alot.


Now, if I were a coordinated gal I would have hit her bottom lip.

You know, so she would match.


  1. You brighten my day every time I read your blog.. :)
    Definitely not this time on Lainey's behalf, but your style of writing, of course!

  2. nana is so sorry about your fat lip and run when ever mama throws something, she gets that from me.
    loves and hugs and keep a stiff upper lip kiddo!