Monday, November 1, 2010

She Blames the Economy

Last Halloween all three girls dressed the same. It was really cute. But I didn't want to do it again.

I have no good reason. I just didn't.

Early in October Lainey decided to be Snow White. Awesome. I love it when a simple trip to Target takes something off my to-do list.

And then we saw the garden gnome costumes.


And so it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you

Snow White and the Two Gnomes Dwarfs.

Work with me, people.

(Unfortunately, due to the recession, Ms. White couldn't afford the other five.)

(Also unfortunate is the photography ability of Ms. White's mother. I didn't get ONE good photo of all three girls together. So here's a hodge-podge of so-so ones. Use your imagination and picture them walking hand in hand (in hand) down the road in to the sunset. Gracias.)

(Anna and Daddy)


The Posse

Yes, Lainey nearly froze her tail off because she said

MOM, Snow White doesn't wear pants.

Yes, both babies kept their hats on the whole time.

And yes, both of them were eating something every time I took a photo.

The were kindly (Courtney!) introduced to Dum-dums, Smarties, and M&M's.

It's a whole new world.

And I need to buy better toothbrushes.

In bulk.

The end.