Friday, July 17, 2009

Just checking in, gang. AnnaGrace and Emily are growing, growing, growing and Lainey Loo is going, going, going (in the potty, that is!). Buike had to have surgery for FIFTEEN kidney stones, or in LaineyTalk "skinny bones". They unfortunately had to make a new, um, shall we say urine eliminating spot (pee hole, people!) and he is blissfully unaware of the fact that his manhood has completely left the building. If you see him in person, do me a favor, don't tell the poor guy!


  1. I my gosh - Buike!!!! Poor guy. Hey - it's ok, though, because he's none the wiser. How in the world does someone get 15 kidney stones? 15?? The babies are beautiful as is Lainey - I swear, Jessie...that one of her is like looking at a picture of you!

  2. Sweet babies! i love that they are holding hands. they remind me a lot of little Lainey bug when she was a baby. So sorry to hear about Mr. Buike. love and miss you all.