Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Husband is One Smart Dude

Over the past few days, life has been a little chaotic busy. Lainey has been pushing my buttons with the skills that only a two year old with the vocabulary of a 32 year old could muster, and (take a deep breath, this is a long one) the dog had surgery, the dog was at the vet for 3 days, the dog came home with a cone on his head the size of a large lamp, the dog has to be medicated and hand fed because he can't reach the dish because of said lamp, AnnaGrace learned to roll over, AnnaGrace is now not napping, Lainey learned to open doors, Lainey is now not napping, Lainey peed on the floor, Lainey pooped on the deck, now we're out of Spot Shot, the dog started bleeding and stopped peeing (which is good since I'm out of spot shot), now we go back to the vet.......

And just when I am totally having an Alexander moment, the doorbell rings.

My new best friend, whose name I never caught was holding this....

That Andy, he's a genius.


  1. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered to me. If only flowers were medicinal food for canine kidney stones, could distract a two-year-old from tantrums and opening doors, and sooth little ones to sleep...oh, and clean carpet naturally. That, my friend, would REALLY make Andy a genius :) Hope things are looking better today, girl!

  2. Maybe Lanie heard Uncle Aaron mention a "poop deck" and got confused.