Monday, June 1, 2009

Home on the Range

Our little Lainey Bug was born right before we went to Japan. I rationalized that there was really no need to complete her nursery, when we weren't going to be here for her to use it. (In reality, it was my procrastination disease I mentioned in a previous post rearing its ugly head!). Needless to say, when we returned from the land of the rising sun, she slept in our closet for nearly a month while I hemmed and hawed over what crib she needed.

There would be no closet sleeping for the Littles, I was prepared. I found cribs and a changing table that I loved and the Boss got them put together in record time. (We just ignore the wheels that fall off when you lift the changing table. Who needs a table that moves when you're dealing with poop, anyway?). I picked fabric for curtains and cribs, I was a woman on a mission.

Then the federal reserve clowns committee had to interfere. I walked waddled into the house one cold winters day to hear the Boss on the phone with our realtor. The rates were so low, now was the perfect time to move, blah, blah, blah. Um, really? I can hardly get out of bed and off the pot and you think now is when we should pack up? Oy vey.

So we started looking - and looking, and we looked some more. All the while, my nursery dreams were fading. Who wants to redo a room right before trying to sell? Then one February morning I woke up feeling oh-so-cruddy. The swelling of my limbs had moved to my face, giving me a pout the would make Angelina Jolie jealous. That was the beginning of being a mama of three and the end of the house hunt - for the most part.

Now it's June, the girls are starting to sleep better and I am ready for them to be in their room. The bedding is washed and the clothes are in the closet (okay, mostly they are on the floor, floor/closet, it's all the same). The Boss still looks at houses from time to time and I am on board, so long as it's the right house for us. But for now, this is our home and the littles need some paint! I had no idea how many shades of pink existed in this world. Let me assure you the answer is too many. I have five different hues on the wall right now, some look kinda peachy, some resemble an elderly gal's purple do. I want you to let me know which one YOU like. Although, if you say the peachy one, you run the risk of being banned from this blog. Other than that, all opinions are welcome!


  1. I need to see bedding and curtains to compare - lol!!! Me, I'm a darker the better kind of girl (remember, I have 3 boys and dark hides dirt). The one on the left hurts my eyes a little, so, I'm opting for the far right. :-) Good Luck!

  2. I like the one farthest on the right too but I do like the one right next to it too! Fun! I never had a chance to do a nursery either:( Have Fun and good luck!

  3. I like the one farthest on the right. I like dark.

    I love reading your blog! So glad you jumped on the blog bandwagon!

  4. well girls, it's done...i just finished yesterday and I did choose the one on the to come soon! thanks for your input!

  5. I like the one second from left...

  6. You are precious. The strongest of momma's, girl! My fave is the one you chose! Post pics!