Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On Becoming Tami Taylor

The winter I was pregnant with Lainey I got introduced to the greatness that is an entire tv series on DVD. The particular show I started with was season one of 24. Andy happened to be sick one day so I settled myself in to watch a little bit.

Sixteen episodes later, I took a break.

Because, the retinas, they can can only handle so much.

And also, I was slightly concerned that Lainey's first words would be:

Previously on 24.

I was totally hooked on the ability to pause, rewind and continue on to the next show if the cliffhanger was too much for this little mama to handle. I also may have wanted Jack Bauer to be President.

So this spring when the Mr. started talking about cutting the cord, or in our case breaking the dish, I was a little hesitant.

I mean, what if there was an episode of House Hunters that I haven't seen yet? You know those ninnies can't make a good decision unless I'm yelling at the them. (NUMBER THREE, PICK NUMBER THREE YOU FOOLS!).  Or what if something delicious looking pops up on The Food Network and I ACTUALLY WANT TO MAKE IT?

After thirteen years of marriage, Andy must be on to my reindeer games because he quickly pointed out that none of those arguments were valid. And the second one was laughable.

He had a point.

So ditch the dish we did. We have an antenna for local channels and Apple TV which we use to watch Netflix and a few other things (sports, Disney junior app etc). And y'all, it's really worked out well. Because guess what the Netflix has? Whole seasons of television shows. Entire series' of television shows. And I haven't even cried over missing Cupcake Wars or invited myself over to random folks homes during the 78th airing of National Treasure yet. Our girls have enjoyed new and old shows (Magic School Bus!) and we've saved a bit of money along the way.

All this to say, I have a public service announcement:

If you and your loved ones have not yet watched Friday Night Lights, you need to reconsider your priorities.

But Jessie, you say, I have work/school/parenting/social responsibilities.

Get over it.

And get yourself the Netflix, put the kids to bed early and jump into the world of Dillon, Texas.

They are many reasons this is a necessity, but I'm going to focus on one today.

Her name is Tami Taylor and she is my best friend.

I'm fairly certain the feeling would be mutual should I ever find her we ever get the opportunity to meet. But instead of just rambling on and on about my dear friend, I made you a list.

You're welcome.

Reasons Tami Taylor and Jessie Green Would Totally be Best Friends Should They Ever Meet

 (The title needs a little work. Might be a tad long.)

1) Tami T is a coach's wife.
       Baseball is my life. The other day someone asked if they should call me Mrs. Skipper and I was all, heck yeah! Except I wasn't.

2) Tami T always has the right thing to say.
           Words, I've got a lot of them.

3) Tami T is a fantastic cook.
         Just last week I dropped a potato in the trash can while attempting to peel it. Twice. (That's two potatoes). AND I LEFT THEM THERE. Because good cooks know you don't dig food out of the garbage.

 (Feel free to pin that.)

4) Tami T always supports her man.
      Please. I've been to Japan with an 8 week old baby and nursed twins in the back seat of a moving mini-van. I've also perfected yelling at the umpire then quickly turning away so he doesn't know it's Mrs Green. Again. Support the husband ~ nailed it.

5) Tami T is a tall gal.
   I am all of 5'10". Except for when my husband enters the room. Then I'm 5'9".  (See #4).

6) Tami T has a southern accent.
    Have you heard my voice mail lately? The whole state of Alabama would be proud, y'all.

7) Mrs Taylor has a degree in psychology and a masters in counseling.
    I went to school once.

8) Tami Taylor has the most amazing hair. You all, there are entire blogs dedicated to these lustrous locks. And it (the hair) also has it's own twitter account. IT'S OWN TWITTER ACCOUNT.
{photo credit: Google images}

    I have.....um, I just have hair. Most days I'm doing well if it's washed. But I do have a blog and I signed up for the twitter once. Now if only I could remember that dang password....

Oh well, 7 outta 8 is not too shabby. Not shabby at all.

And just a heads up, I've started watching The West Wing.

I'm putting out feelers for a possible grassroots Presidential campaign for Jack Bauer.

I've already named myself Press Secretary.

See #2.




  1. I've really gotta get rid of the stinkin expensive cable! I don't even watch TV. The problem is…if I even so much as suggested it…my husband would curl up in the fetal position on the floor and suck his thumb. I did watch 24! So good. I like series and instant gratification so your system would really work well for me I think!

  2. P.S. I totally love the thought of you throwing your voice with umpire insults. Ha ha…awesome.

    1. You should come to a game sometime. We'd be quite the team!

  3. I love your writing voice, Jessie! You crack me up!

  4. I love FNL but it's not on anymore, right? There were some episodes where cheating and other "now why did that need to be scripted in there" moments but all in all we really liked it. Now, we have no cable...NADA so we don't watch much of anything. I've heard awesome stuff about Downtown Abby though - you watched it?

    1. Lindsy,
      It's not on anymore, and you're right, there were a few far out there, never gonna happen in real life moments. But I loved ALL of it. I haven't watched any of Downton, but I have heard tons of great things about it. Maybe I can start that after I finish West Wing!