Thursday, December 6, 2012


How does one catch up on a few months nearly half a year  in just a few paragraphs?

One doesn't.

But let's give it a go, shall we?

When last we met, I was trying to be crafty and pinteresty.

You can imagine how well that has gone, what with my blazing drive for perfection and my goal-oriented task-i-ness.


Rather than me getting all wordy, let's tell the story with pictures!


So the same day Anna learned to wink....

Lainey ended up in the ER (for reasons other than puking) for the first time. My girl is so talented she  fell UP the steps (while keeping an eye on the Dbacks bobble heads) at a baseball game and nearly broke her nose. Love. Her. Heart. She was fortuitous enough to take a before photo.

and after....

Thankfully, it wasn't broken and neither was she. She was so brave. There is still a small scar on the side of her nose. She blames the giant bobble heads. I blame her genes.

Despite a tragic end to what could have been a stellar career in nose modeling, she's still a champion hula-hooper. Which is really all a parent could ever hope for.

See? Still smiling!  And hey*! Isn't my girl a great hooper? Who says daddy's athleticism isn't being passed down?

Shortly after that we packed our bags

said goodbye to some dear friends
(photo credit: the awesome InspiredRd)

And hit the open road. Again.

Which brings us to mid-June.

Good gravy, this is going to take awhile.


*Uncle Si rocks. The end.

*For the record, in the black and white photo, our buddy, Joe got cut off. I don't know why. I have attempted to fix it and will continue to do so, but I promised myself I would hit "post" today. Because you know how I hate to procrastinate...... Snarkiness aside, deepest apologies to Joe. He's very handsome. Too bad you can't see that.


  1. Great start, sister! Keep it up :) And don't worry, Joe isn't too bent about the picture.

  2. Uncle Si is my favorite. My boss at work's wife is pregnant and I wrote down "Uncle Si" as a "please consider" name. True story. His response was "HEY!"

  3. I, too, am months behind on my blog. We do what we can...good luck, my friend.
    By the way, maybe Lainey can teach Lyla (and me) how to hula hoop. She got one this summer and it is currently only good for rolling. ;)

  4. I am sorry you suffer from the same procrastination gene that I do. It is a challenge to overcome, believe me I know. I just filed papers into the filing cabinet (that were RIGHT ON TOP of it)that dated back to May. Yup. It's bad. Glad you got a blog post in before the year ended, I was wondering about you :) Haha!