Friday, April 20, 2012

Up, Up and Away

My girls love to eat.

Mucho amor de comida.

Snacks are king around here, but they eat decently at mealtime too.

It took several years for the Littles to be willing to share a bite of anything.

With anyone.

So what could tear my still sleepy ladies away from the first meal of the day?

(Two bowls of cereal, two waffles, a piece of fruit, water and vitamins
Every morning
And right now, at 10:45 am Anna is asking for an apple
Because she so hawngry)

I digress.

The big commotion that pulled them away from breakfast?

A flying air conditioner unit.

True story.

We woke up this morning to the sounds of a new ac unit being installed on the other half of our rental.

On the roof.

Many homes in AZ have their ac on the roof.

I don't know why. That probably would have been a good thing for me to research before I told you all about it.

Because this blog is so informative.

Anyhoo, because the new unit had to get onto the roof and the old one had to get down, there was a crane involved.

Not the bird.

The machine.

So we hurried outside. In our mis-matched pajamas. And the only shoes we could find at a moments notice.

And some of us had to bring our giddy-ups from last night's birthday shindig with Joe and Leila.

The Littles were more impressed with the fact that there was

A dog! Dwiving dat big twuck! Wook at dat dog, mom!

than the thousand pound box of metal floating above our heads.

Lainey was completely enamored. She watched until the little white dog drove the big rig away.

Meanwhile, the Littles had already returned to their now soggy cereal.

Apparently, their culinary standards aren't too high.

Which is good, considering who does most of their cooking.


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  1. Your blog never fails to bring the biggest smile and lol's (I actually laugh out loud to myself while my kids look at me and wonder what the heck is so funny)! Miss you!

    1. Thanks Ash! Missing you all too, headed to "your" pool next week. :)