Thursday, April 12, 2012


You know how they say that the second and later children always get the shaft in the preserved memories department?


I didn't even make a baby book for my first.

I'm all about an even playing field.

And for the record, digital photography is probably one of the worst advances in modern technology.

Because printing pictures?

I know not what you speak of.

My poor family.

Bless their hearts.

(When the Littles ask to look at pictures, they mean they want my phone. Because that's where all our pictures go to die. I don't think they've even ever seen themselves in a photo album.)


With Lainey, I did jot things down from time to time on a calendar. Little memories here and there. Like funny words she said, or that day that she FINALLY started walking.

But my Littles?

Oy. I have no recollection.

Just the other night I had this horrible thought, quickly turned to Andy and asked

What were the babies first words?

Um, I don't know, he said.

Well that is just spectacular news.


So before I forget, here's a fun little first that happened just a few weeks ago.

Some people take pride in the first steps, first words, the first time junior clears the 17th board in AngrY BiRds...but we Greenies like to make our kids do stuff for themselves foster a little independence......

Seriously, this is a game changer for me. I sat down, opened a book and read in peace for like 47 seconds.

Until one of my little gooses* started yelling


Baby steps people, baby steps.


*Again, I am well aware that the plural for "goose" is "geese". I just like gooses better. My deepest apologies to the lovely Mrs. S. Madison, my high school English teacher.


  1. I am the same way Jessie - I think I ended M's baby book on month 6, vowed to get it done before K came along, but then a big earthquake changed those plans. I have found one thing that helps me though - a large family calendar where you write things down. I put our events on it so we can see what we did and will scribble in fun little things they do or say on that day...I do not do this every day, but when I think of it. I hope one day they cherish it because this is all they will get.

  2. baby books are over rated :)That's why I blog :) Better than nothing!

    How was that book? Get past the back cover to see what it was about? :)

    I love me some bon bons! LOL!