Saturday, February 11, 2012

By the Numbers

In no particular order:

11 (eleven) - The grand total of my babies ages. We are now 5, 3 and 3. When Lainey woke up that January morning of her birth she looked down at her feet and declared them to be

Not any bigger than they were yesterday when I was four.

And then glanced at me like I should have a really good explanation for that.

I didn't.

The Littles were so glad to have people sing happy birthday to them. Since they had been practicing that stinkin lovely song for nearly a month leading up to it.

They also learned that showing people your age is not so easy when you're

free years old.

That darn pinky keeps popping up.


4, 280 (fourthousandtwohundredeighty) - The number of times I regretted telling the Mr that I could handle taking all three little ladies to the pediatrician for their yearly check-ups by myself. Because...
3,5,2 (three, FIVE, two) number of finger pricks, number of trips to the potty to pee in a cup (someone had stage fright) and number of shots.
1 (one) gal walking behind us as we were leaving the office laughed hysterically when she heard the then still-fussing-over-the-shot Anna ask

Why her put a hole in my leg?

2 (two) baby girls who are in big girl panties all the time.

187 (onehundredeightyseven) rolls of toilet paper we go through. A week.

6 (six) inches of hair that Lainey Bug had cut off.

180 (onehundredeighty) decibels Emily reached screaming


when Brian the Haircutter even remotely came near her. With scissors. Or a hairbrush.

0 (zero) haircuts that Emily (and Anna) have had in their lifetime.

45 (fortyfive) minutes the girls spent playing AmericAn Id0l, the Hollywood round.

Emily was sent home. Twice.

That Lainey can be a very harsh judge.

74 (seventyfour) Valentines the girls have to get ready for their class parties at preschool next week.

74 (seventyfour) Valentines that Mama has to get ready for the class parties next week.

8 (eight) times I've beat my husband in Scramble with Friends.

978 (ninehundredseventyeight) times we've played Scramble with Friends.

47 1/2 (fortysevenandonehalf) stripes Lainey wore last week in an ensemble she threw together ALL BY HERSELF THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

431 (fourhundredthirtyone) pins I have on Pinterest.

2 (two) things I have actually made from my pins on Pinterest.

16 (sixteen) days until we leave for spring training.

0 (zero. zip. zilch. nada. abigfatnothing) bags, bins, suitcases and totes that I have packed.

The end.


  1. Hahah!!! Awesome!!! I can't wait to see you guys! Then I can walk with you and shout out about ALL the kids you have :) Then you will have a 6, 5, two 4s and two 3s. Hahaha!! It will be so fun!

  2. wow your little ones are soooo cute!

    my first is overdue by 3 days as of april 1st. not twins though, just one little lady

    anyways, just wanted to say..great blog!