Friday, December 16, 2011

True Story

So the other day I'm sitting on the couch with Emily watching Curious George Christmas again doing flashcards when she started to pick her nose. And then she held her treasure out for all to see. The following conversation was direct result of that action.

The Mama
Emily, please do not pick your nose. It's so gross.

(And then she made a motion that signaled she was planning on putting said treasure in her mouth.)

The Mama
Emily! Do not eat that! We do not put boogers in our mouth!

(She then redirected and stuck her finger right back into her nostril.)

The Mama
Emily Faith! I just said don't pick your nose!

The Emily
I not, mama. I jus puttin it back in der.

The end.


  1. That is lovely. A very lovely visual. Thanks for no photos.:)

  2. ha ha ha - gross...maybe...obedient....definitely!