Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nineteen Months

Last summer I was nursing two babies. This summer they have cut 11 (going on 13) teeth.

Man, am I glad that those two weren't going on at the same time.

My baby girls are growing so fast. They're communicating more and they want to do things just like their big sister. Which is really cute when all three are coloring at the table.

Not so cute when they launch themselves up and down the steps.

I'm not too good at keeping baby books. I stink at it. Okay fine, I haven't even started Lainey's! And so bear with me, while I jot a few things down that I don't want to forget...... times two.

Anna, 19 months

Stats - weight 25 lbs, height 32.5 inches, 5 1/2 shoe.

Words - Mom, Mama, Mommmmmmmmyyyy, No, Nainey (Lainey), Boobie (Buike), Emmy (ironically, she's talking about a good family friend, not her sister!), Mommy, Daddy, Apple, No, Nack (Snack), Pees (Please), Tat too (Thanks), Moe (more), Ball, No, Uppy (up), Off (as in, please remove my clothing), and Shoe. Also, she has a plethora of animal sounds, my personal favorite being the owl. She purses her little lips and the tiniest little whisper of a "hoooo" comes out. It makes me want to smoosh her.

Likes - Eating. Reading. Eating some more. Playing in the sand. Driving the cozy coupe. Nainey. Clifford the Big Red Dog. Babies. Being a ham. Blowing bubbles. The Every Step I Make video on YouTube. Straw sippy cups. Telling stories.

Dislikes - Sharing. Drinking without a straw. Asparagus. (can you blame her?)

Anna is a flirt and a ham. She loves to play with her babies and gives great kisses. She dances like her mama, which is a problem. She talks gibberish all day long, usually while pointing at something to enhance the story. None of us understand any of it, but respond like we do.

Emily, 19 Months

Stats - weight 23.5 pounds, height 33 inches tall, 5 1/2 shoe. Dimple on the left cheek (on her face, people!)

Words - Nainey, Yay, Nack (Snack), Good Gurl (Buike and all dogs), Book, Bubbles, Shoe, Toe, Owie, Boo-boo, Apple, Noe (nose), Mommmmmmmmmyyyy, Daddy, Pees (Please), Tat too (Thanks), Moe (more), No, Ball, Baby, Nigh-Nigh and several animal sounds.

Likes - Climbing, running, climbing some more, turning a book page by page, eating, playing alone, buckling herself into the stroller (and the carseat, and the eat seat), putting on shoes (and socks!), Buike, walking down the slide, walking up the slide, riding in the wagon, putting on random pieces of clothing (not that we have alot of that lying around. Okay, we do.), straw sippy cups.

Dislikes - Sharing. Grilled cheese. Strangers.

Emily tends to be quiet while taking it all in. She has an adorable grin that has to be earned, but it's worth it. She will probably learn how to use our power tools before we do. She gives incredible, ring your neck hugs. She has started to "sing" the tune to the ABC song.

The older you get, the more alike you look.

You fight over the Cozy Coupe. Anna usually wins.
You fight over my lap when we read books, thankfully I have room for both.

When I announce it's time to brush your teeth, you both squeal and come running.
When I announce it's time for bed, you both squeal and run away.

You recently spent 20 minutes playing quietly together.
I caught a glimpse of heaven.

You both love music and have heard quite a range of it thanks to your big sister. Current favorites include "Don't Stop Believin" and "You Never Let Go".

You would both rather play with my cell phone than your toys.

You both have curly hair, although Emily's is the curliest. We've started to experiment with product. Help us, Jesus.

You recently hugged your sister at the same time. I called it the Lainey Sandwich. It made her day.

I still dress you alike. I'm sorry.

And I think we need a bigger sand box.

- The Mama


  1. I love love love this post, your family and those girls' curls! xo

  2. Happy Birthday daughter dear!
    how wonderful, hard to believe how grown up the littles are.
    looking forward to our week together!
    praying for you always.
    rejoicing in this season of all three girls.