Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From the time the babies were born, I had been mentally preparing myself for the big roadtrip. You know, the one we do at the start of every baseball season to whatever destination the baseball head honchos determine our family will be calling home for the season, give or take a few days, weeks or months. So when the Boss hurt himself near the end of spring, we were bummed, thinking that it would be even longer before we got to see him. But then, we had a stroke of genius (!) - how hard could it be to drive to Florida? Weren't we getting geared up to drive just as far, but in the opposiste direction? Really, the only thing that changed was the contents of the bags, swimsuits rather than the snowy version and toss in some flip-flops (sandies, as L calls them) - you're good to go! The idea of the trip was good, the reality was, um, entertaining. Three sweet babies, one nana, and plenty of caffeine and I was good to go. There was traffic, 5 hours of rain with malfunctioning wipers, pee and puke (so sorry, nana) getting lost in the Atlanta airport (don't ask), and getting a little too personal with the kind officer who was trying to help us get into the locked condo (sorry sir, babies got to eat!)......It was truly all worth it, for moments like these....................................


  1. Glad to see you are blogging! Looking at the dates of our posts it appears we were both reflecting on "little moments like that..."


  2. Jessie, first of all, let me say, so glad to see you blogging!! And secondly, I love this photo!! Too sweet!